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Lounge Underwear | News & Updates On The Brand

Hi ladies, I just wanted to write a quick blog to keep you up to date with where we're at and what to expect in the next few weeks. Since the launch of Lounge underwear we have experienced a level of interest that wasn't first anticipated when having our initial conversations with our manufactures, which has in the meantime, caused us to have to put up the PRE-ORDER option up to fulfil all orders while we catch up and fill up our stock rooms again. The Black Bra set, White Bra sets and Grey Bra sets will be back soon. I understand this can be a little frustrating and so I just wanted to apologise to those of you that have...

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Lounge Underwear | Why Our Customer's Love Lounge

Here at Lounge, it is really important to us to ensure we treat you guys to something special. Our customers are always front of mind for the Lounge team, and we do our best to ensure the service you receive and the experience you have on our site, and with our underwear sets, is an absolutely great one. It means a huge amount to know that you guys are sharing the love. So many of your are loving the Black Bra. Whilst the White underwear is close follower and the Grey speaks for itself. Thongs or Briefs are an extremely personal choice depending on what you find more comfortable. Here are a couple of comments from some of our lovely customers...

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The Lounge Ladies | Who Is Loving Lounge Underwear?

There are no better ladies to show off the Lounge sets. Black Bra | Grey Bra | White Bra It's your choice... We have a bunch of beautiful bloggers on board to show you how this sexy yet comfortable underwear looks great on a range of different shapes and sizes. One of the most common questions we've been asked is "How do you think it will look on my figure?" So here you'll be able to see the way the underwear is designed to flatter a range of curves, from a smaller to a bigger bust, and from narrow to wide hips. The elasticated banners are super soft and comfortable and the underwear fabric is designed to hug your figure...

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Black Bra and Black Thong: Getting to know Beth Morgan

Beth Morgan Age: 15 Height: 5"4Lounge size: Small Black underwear set: Black Bra and Black Thong 1. WHAT IS YOUR MORNING ROUTINE? I wake up at about 7 and always sleep through my alarms, I set continuous alarms every 10 minutes from half 6 to 7 and then end up waking up an hour late anyway. I don't have a set routine I just wake up and rush to get ready, the order just depends on how I'm feeling! However, I always read my horoscope in the morning, just because then I know what to expect of my day haha.  2. HOW DO YOU KEEP YOUR GORGEOUS FIGURE, DO YOU HAVE ANY SECRETS? Thank you :) I dont have any secrets...

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Loungewear is the New You | Black White or Grey?

Welcome to Lounge. The new online destination for our beautifully crafted, comfortable underwear, designed to make you feel sexy this fall. We're so glad you landed here and found us - keep skimming to find out what we're all about and what you can expect from this new brand. Happily, today marks the launch of Lounge, and so I wanted to give you a little snapshot of what we're about and offer you the luxury of being among the first to set your eyes on us. This will be the first of many blogs, where we aim to give you a giggle, girly advice, celebrity news, and update you on what we're up to and what to expect next. We have spent...

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