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Welcome 2017!! Here's 17 Reasons You Should Lounge This Year!

Hurrah! The doors have opened to 2017... And Boy, is it going to be a good one with Lounge! Whilst we welcome the New Year, we all tend to make New Year's Resolutions, some achievable, some not so... Getting in shape, taking on new hobbies - maybe Yoga or a little Pilates... We promise ourselves no more chocolate and much more green tea. And spending more time with those we love, rather than being up to our ears full of stress at work. Sounding familiar!? All of these are definitely good ones of course, but here at Lounge we have just one that is an essential for this year. And trust us, it's going to bring you bucket loads of sassy comfort -...

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Why Choose to Lounge this Festive Season in Lounge underwear

Tis the season to... Lounge (Oh & be Jolly!!)  It's that time of year ... it's crisp and cold outside, there are lots of twinkly lights inside, and all you want to do is snuggle up on the sofa in something comfortable, with a hot cup of chocolate and a good film. And there's no mistaking it, Lounge is the perfect style to enjoy every moment in. Whether you fancy chilling on the sofa in your Lounge leggings with a fluffy jumper and a box of chocolates, or wearing your favourite Lounge underwear under the quilts with a hot water bottle... whichever you choose, it's bound to feel like a Christmassy, comfortable heaven! Our beautiful ambassador @nanamendes_ went for the latter...

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Meet Janine Spencer | & Why Lounge Underwear Made Life More Comfortable

Making Life Comfortable with Lounge Recently we got to know one of our promoters, Janine Spencer a little better. Little did we know that Janine suffers with a condition that meant that finding comfortable underwear was a massive priority for her, to make everyday attire fit and feel better against her skin. Here's what Janine had to say... When Lounge Underwear approached me for a promotional collaboration I didn’t ever think that I would love their intimate pieces as much as I do. Designed for “lounging” around in, the brand has really hit on a concept for their pieces that is so simple and have executed that idea in a super stylish way making their sets a huge success online. I...

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Lounge underwear | Getting to know Emma-Emelia Mouat

Getting to know Emma-Emelia Mouat @emmaaemeliamouatxo We've got a bit of a Lounge Crush on this girl! Admitted. We've spent a little time with Swimwear and Fashion Blogger Emma-Emelia Mouat and opened up the doors to give you an insight into her life as a blogger, her exercise regime and the secrets to how she keeps her hair so luscious and long. We've been working with Emma for some time now, and it has to be said she is a real beauty. She's featured in pretty much all of the Lounge underwear styles currently in our range, and she shows them all off in style. So here's your chance to get to see her shots again and get to know...

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Feeling Comfortable in your Skin | Lounge Breast Awareness

Life made more comfortable with Lounge. It is so important to take care of you, to take time to look after yourself and ensure you look after your body. Recently we spoke to a truly inspirational young lady, one of our customers who had recently suffered with Breast Cancer. She found Lounge underwear and felt her life transformed. Lounge is not designed to be a post-treatment underwear, but we're so happy that a touch of comfort made sexy helped this young lady find her confidence again. We were truly inspired by her and so we wanted to tell your her story so you could be inspired too. Lounge Breast Awareness This young girl recently found Lounge underwear and loved it for a number of reasons, but mostly because it changed...

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