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The Launch of Lounge Leggings Set | Lounge Underwear

Say Hello to Lounge Leggings Meet Lounge Leggings, still inspired by giving you that gorgeous, sexy feeling whilst you're lounging around! But with this range, we wanted to make things a little longer for the Winter months and of course, design something that brings you heaps of comfort! The Limited Edition Lounge Leggings. Get your hands on them ladies - because once they're gone, they're gone. Last week we launched the Lounge Leggings Set... ... and well, what do you think!?  We think this set is the perfect new addition to Lounge to comfort you this Winter. We've launched our first ever Limited Edition range to spoil you during the colder months, with some snuggly Lounge comforts. The Crop Bra and Leggings set is designed to be the perfect...

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Lounge underwear | Getting to know Eva Catherine

It's time for a little get to know... So, here at Lounge you know we like to welcome you into a little world to meet one of your favourite bloggers. It's like a "behind the scenes" at a cool gig, but instead an inside the life of a fashionista. And this time, we've had a quick chat with the gorgeous @evaacatherine, our beautiful indie-gypsie blogger, with heaps of hippie style and class.   Inside the life of @evaacatherine Tell us 3 facts about to you that your followers might be surprised to know... - I went to a private High School with 40 kids - I have a 2016 mustanf - I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years If your friends had...

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Lounge underwear | Getting to Know Bell Williams

Bell Williams, one of our beautiful bloggers is brought to life for you today, with some things maybe you didn't know about her...  Getting to know: @bell_williams   We have worked and collaborated with Annabelle for some time now and have a secret to tell you, she's the bomb! Or i guess you already knew that!? But just incase you didn't, trust us, you definitely need to go and check out her instagram page as she's pretty dreamy. We're treating you to a little getting to know sesh after a quick chat we had with her... Tell us 3 facts about to you your followers might be surprised to know... - Alongside my Law Degree, I love musical theatre. I...

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What to wear this Halloween | Fancy Dress Made Comfortable with Lounge Underwear

Classy & Sassy Fancy Dress is happening this Halloween with Lounge underwear! Have you become a bit stuck on how to do Halloween this year!? Not sure where exactly to start... Start with Lounge underwear, and feel like a sexy scary beast this Halloween. It is too often that we race about the day before Halloween because we realise we forgot to pre-organise our life... Some things never change! And what's worse - when you get home and try on whatever disaster you found, you look like what resembles a bag of dirty washing attempting to look sexy this Halloween! AND... even more annoyingly - you're so uncomfortable all night long, with itchy fabrics and bits sticking in and out in all...

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Lounge Underwear | The Launch of Lounge Scoop

Say Hello to Lounge Scoop It's time to get an extra scoop of comfort with our new Lounge Underwear range. Last week we launched our Lounge Scoop range - the new design made to give you a little more coverage and support, still with that sexy style in mind. We wanted to bring you a twist on the favourite Triangle Sets, still bringing the classic Lounge look, but with a little more fabric for those of us after a bit more support and comfort. The Scoop features a new low scooped neckline, perfect for those with a small bust who need more of a boost around the cleavage, and also great for those with a bigger bust who feel they...

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