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What to wear this Halloween | Fancy Dress Made Comfortable with Lounge Underwear

Classy & Sassy Fancy Dress is happening this Halloween with Lounge underwear! Have you become a bit stuck on how to do Halloween this year!? Not sure where exactly to start... Start with Lounge underwear, and feel like a sexy scary beast this Halloween. It is too often that we race about the day before Halloween because we realise we forgot to pre-organise our life... Some things never change! And what's worse - when you get home and try on whatever disaster you found, you look like what resembles a bag of dirty washing attempting to look sexy this Halloween! AND... even more annoyingly - you're so uncomfortable all night long, with itchy fabrics and bits sticking in and out in all...

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Lounge Underwear | The Launch of Lounge Scoop

Say Hello to Lounge Scoop It's time to get an extra scoop of comfort with our new Lounge Underwear range. Last week we launched our Lounge Scoop range - the new design made to give you a little more coverage and support, still with that sexy style in mind. We wanted to bring you a twist on the favourite Triangle Sets, still bringing the classic Lounge look, but with a little more fabric for those of us after a bit more support and comfort. The Scoop features a new low scooped neckline, perfect for those with a small bust who need more of a boost around the cleavage, and also great for those with a bigger bust who feel they...

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Why Wear Lounge Lace? | Lounge underwear

A Life Lounging in Lace... First, we bought you a beautiful Cotton - Jersey blend of comfortable goodness.. a set of underwear that was sure to set your lounging nights off to a great start. And then we sat back and thought... Let's give our Lounge Ladies something a little more delicate, something that screams sex appeal with the comfort they all know and love... So we bought you Lounge Lace... This little beauty is only one week old, but boy - are you loving it. & here's why... Lounge Lace brings Lounge underwear into the world of intimate moments. Giving you something that feels comfortable to wear and allowing you to flaunt your thing with the confidence you need. The...

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Lounge Underwear - the Launch of Lounge Lace

Let there be Lace... Welcoming the beautiful Lounge Lace! It's finally arrived... Lounge Lace is a little something that we've been sprinkling pixie dust on behind the scenes for some time now, in the hope of creating something new and exciting, the ultimate luxury product for you to simply fall in love with at first sight. & today, we say hello to our new Lounge Lace Sets. Available in Black and White - Lounge Lace promises to bring you the comfort we preach, with the sexy style we embody in everything we do. Taking that much loved triangle bra shape that we all know and love, and giving it a sassy edge with our beautiful sheer lace. Take a look at the Lace sets...

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Living a Life of Luxury in Lounge Underwear

A Life in Absolute Luxury!  Just imagine it now...   We all need a little luxury from time to time, right!? & yes, while we may not be able to lay back on our sparkling white Jaguar in absolute delight like the beautiful @iamalexismichaud, we can treat ourselves to a set of Lounge Underwear every now and then... & you can just close your eyes and imagine the rest!  Alexis has bought to life the absolute luxury of the brand. Comfort made sexy is what we preach, and boy does this shoot make our brand statement just a little bit clearer.     Oozing so much sex appeal, Alexis shows a touch of sass in the Lounge White Bra and Thong...

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