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Lounging With

Kristina Mendonca


Lounge Size

34C or 34D with a Medium Bottoms

Favourite Set

The Blush Balconette!

Favourite Comfort Food


Have fun! Eat all the chocolate you want - because you’re young! You have like no responsibilities. That’s the only thing I could say. I was a pretty good child (not trying to sound vein)… but i didn’t really get up to much mischief. I had fun obviously like every little young child does - but besides that I would just be like - eat all the food you want because your metabolism is great!!

I think influencers do have a big impact on younger girls… so I hope all of you know that a lot of us Facetune - we smooth our skin - photographers can smooth skin. So what you see on instagram isn’t always true. Sometimes I’ll post a happy photo of me laughing and being in a bikini on a beach… but deep down I’m fighting with my boyfriend. So just always remember everything you see on instagram is not always true!

To be honest I always felt insecure about how tall I was. I was taller than all the boys in school - all my girlfriends - all my friends… everyone! But now I’ve just learned to embrace it. I wear like super high heels when I go out and I’m like ten feet taller than everyone else… so I’ve just learnt to get over it!

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