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Lounging With

Kara Jewell


Lounge Size

34C and Small Bottoms

Favourite Set

Definitely the Rose Balconette!

Goal for this year

Ask for what i want and not be afraid!

If I look back at my younger self I would just tell myself not to worry about the little things! I think whenever you’re younger you’re so worried about peer pressure or what your peers think about you and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter… you need to really work on what makes you healthy and happy and feel good about yourself

What everyone needs to know is whenever you’re looking on social media and you see these beautiful women living these ideal lifestyles and travelling the world - you have to remember influencers don’t post their bad days… they only post their best days! So everyone has ups - everyone has downs. No-one has the perfect life and no-one is perfect. So always remember never compare yourself to anyone!

I think getting a good self tanner - getting a good tanning mousse or a spray tan is amazing if you’re feeling a little bit pudgy or if you think you look tired just get a good tan - it always makes you look better.

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