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CRM Manager

Role: CRM Manager

The Lounge family is growing! We are looking for a CRM Manager to help us develop out our strategic approach to customer relationship management.

We are looking a CRM Manager who is passionate and self-motivated, with a strong analytical and strategic way of thinking. We want somebody who has first-hand experience of developing and executing a CRM strategy that is performance driven. You will be responsible for ensuring we know our customer inside and out, tailoring our marketing efforts to make a truly personalised experience. We are seeking the perfect candidate with the enthusiasm and skill to fit right into our culture - to make a difference to real moments and real people, every day.

As the team grows, you’ll have the opportunity to grow too! We want you to help us with establishing a team of CRM Executives as our operations scale, providing you with the ability to directly develop into a team leader.

What you will do at Lounge:

  • Assist with planning our global approach to customer-first CRM marketing, considering the best methods of driving action from our existing customers, while also nurturing new customers.
  • Plan out and constantly optimise customer journeys, with UX/UI and the path to purchase constantly in mind.
  • Take a ‘test & learn’ approach to planning and execution, implementing A/B testing approaches and analysing channel specific BI data that allows us to continually improve our CRM marketing efforts.
  • Design, build and test emails as well as other CRM communications that put planning into action.
  • Understand our customers inside and out, segmenting customer groups with a view to creating personalised communications, that inspire and drive action.
  • Manage and track performance with the view to reporting regularly into our Head of Marketing and working collaboratively to understand what opportunities arise from reports, with a view to implement any actions that will improve our marketing efforts.
  • Explore new ways for us to develop out our CRM approach, venturing into new forms of communication that align with the brand and align with our customers.
  • Develop out campaign plans surrounding key trading moments, including new product launches, Black Friday, Christmas and Valentines Day.
  • Proactively demonstrate that you are a well-informed CRM marketer, assisting those around you by sharing knowledge and driving peer-to-peer development.

We would love it if you:

  • Are passionate about CRM marketing, with 2+ years experience in a similar role that you can showcase.
  • Have experience in fashion marketing or eCommerce.
  • Are methodical in your approach to planning and execution, with a fine eye for detail.
  • Have a strong knowledge of ESP and CRM tools.
  • Have good graphic design skills to assist in the building of aesthetically strong and creative emails.
  • Are familiar with HTML.
  • Put customers first, making their experience incredible every time they interact with our brand.
  • Are numerate, with an analytical approach to your work.
  • Have knowledge of CRM marketing in relation to other marketing channels.
  • Are passionate about fashion!

Are you already a lounger?

  • Dog lover: Our Head of Staff Happiness is a Cavapoo, she likes cuddles at least once a day from every lounger.
  • The ability to make comfort stylish: We all like to rock that famous Lounge comfort every day.
  • Real obsession: Everyone at Lounge is driven by an all-consuming passion to create inspiring and daring Lounge moments every day.
  • The best brews: A strong brew and a biscuit make for the perfect thinking time. Would you pass the tea test?

Interested in joining the Lounge Family? Email your CV to to apply now.