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Junior Influencer Marketing Executive

Role: Junior Influencer Marketing Executive

The Lounge family is growing! We are looking for a Junior Marketing Executive to help us develop out our strategic approach to customer relationship management.

We are looking for an Influencer Marketing Executive who is highly ambitious and understands the power of influencers.

Whether you have some prior experience or are looking to venture down a new career path, we want somebody who is highly motivated that has the know-how and confidence required to be an influencer marketer.

We are seeking the perfect candidate with the enthusiasm and skill to fit right into our culture - to make a difference to real moments and real people, every day.

As the team grows, you’ll have the opportunity to grow too! Working alongside our influencer marketing team, not only will you be able to develop your skills within this role, but we want you to bring your own thinking and ideas to drive the team’s development.

What you will do at Lounge:

  • Assist with seeking new and growing micro influencers across a global scale
  • Build out a database of influencers and work alongside our wider influencer team to create a strategy to grow brand awareness and increase brand affinity

We would love it if you:

  • Are passionate about marketing, with a desire to learn, grow and succeed.
  • Have experience in fashion.
  • Are methodical in your approach to planning and execution, with a fine eye for detail.
  • Are extremely confident with technology and are computer literate.
  • Have knowledge of marketing strategy and consumer behaviour.
  • Are passionate about fashion!

Are you already a lounger?

  • Dog lover: Our Head of Staff Happiness is a Cavapoo, she likes cuddles at least once a day from every lounger.
  • The ability to make comfort stylish: We all like to rock that famous Lounge comfort every day.
  • Real obsession: Everyone at Lounge is driven by an all-consuming passion to create inspiring and daring Lounge moments every day.
  • The best brews: A strong brew and a biscuit make for the perfect thinking time. Would you pass the tea test?

Interested in joining the Lounge Family? Email your CV to to apply now.



& join the #femalefamily

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