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10 Bamboo Facts That Will Have You Lounging Consciously

Apr 24, 2021 · 3 min read

Here at Lounge, it’s no secret that we’re all for protecting our Mother Nature. We're also big advocates of ensuring that our Female Family can Lounge comfortably and sustainably, wherever they are.

As we broaden our mission to protect Mother Nature and produce more sustainable pieces such as our iconic Triangle Collection and our Lounge-In Collection, we’ve put together 10 incredible bamboo facts to show you just why we love this sustainable option so much.

‘How comfy is it?’ we hear you ask. Trust us, this super soft, hypoallergenic and sustainable fabric will ensure your Lounging experience is greater than it has ever been before.

10 Bamboo Facts and Benefits

What is Bamboo Exactly?

Bamboo belongs to a diverse group of perennial evergreen plants in the subfamily, Bambusoidea of the grass family, Poaceae. Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable resource and can be used in furniture, clothes, structurally for buildings and as a source of food.

In other words, it’s pretty incredible, hence why we can’t get enough of it!

Why is bamboo sustainable?

When grown in the right conditions, bamboo trees can grow 3 feet tall in just 24 hours (yes, really). You can literally watch them spring to life. Due to its natural renewing properties, bamboo is a super sustainable resource and works hand in hand with Mother Nature.

10 Bamboo Facts You Need to Know

Keen to learn a little bit more about bamboo and its incredible benefits? Discover 10 bamboo facts that will blow your mind. Quite literally.

1. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and the only plant that can diversify into a forest.

2. Bamboo is actually a type of grass known as a flowering, perennial evergreen.

3. Bamboo fibre is highly antibacterial.

4. Bamboo can grow healthily without any pesticides or fertilisers.

5. Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees.

6. Bamboo fibre is super hypoallergenic.

7. Bamboo is antistatic.

8. Bamboo fibre has natural cooling properties and does not retain body heat.

9. Bamboo has antimicrobial bio-agents and anti-fungal properties making it odour resistant.

10. Bamboo fibre is super soft and comfortable to wear.

Bamboo benefits

Bamboo Uses

Bamboo has
so many uses - we can’t even list them all, there are so many! With over 1000 different species of this incredible resource, bamboo can quite literally be used to create anything. We know. Mind = blown.

Here are some bamboo uses that makes bamboo that extra little bit special.

More bamboo benefits incoming...

1. Houses, schools and buildings

According to UNESCO, 70 hectares of bamboo produces enough material to build 1000 houses. That’s a lot of houses!

2. Clothes & Underwear

Bamboo fibre is a strong and durable fabric which is why it makes for the perfect fabrication for our Bamboo Triangle. Additionally, bamboo is breathable, moisture-wicking and thermal-regulating, making it better than any other polyester performance fabrics.

3. Accessories

Bamboo is perfect for adding a little bit of glam to your outfit. It can be used to make necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more.

4. Food

Bamboo shoots are mainly used in Asian food preparations. However, bamboo skin has many benefits such as preventing bacterial growth.

5. Medicine

In China, ingredients from the black bamboo shoot has been used to treat diseases such as cancer.

6. Furniture

Bamboo can be used to create beautifully crafted beds, chairs and tables. Lounge sofa, anyone?


Lounge in Bamboo, Lounge Sustainably

Have we tempted you to Lounge sustainably yet? Embracing the sustainable you in bamboo has never looked or felt so good.

Shop our Bamboo Triangle below.


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