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5 Garment Care Hacks To Keep Your Underwear Collection Like New

Sep 05, 2017

The best ways to look after your underwear...

Let's keep them as fresh as the day you bought them ladies! Advice for every woman who knows the feeling you get when you open a brand new box of your favourite underwear... You deserve that feeling every time you put them on.

Your underwear is very often the unsung hero of your wardrobe. Only you know about the beautiful lingerie set you have hidden under your skinny jeans and shirt. How you look after these behind the scenes beauties is so important, and may be the difference in how long they last, how comfortable they feel and how good they look.

So, how should we be looking after our delicates? 

Be a Storage Queen

We don't all have a walk-in wardrobe like the celebs, (although we can always dream!) The reality for most of us is limited space, which is mainly taken up by our chunky items.

More often than not, our underwear is being scrunched up into a drawer the minute it comes out of the wash and not really given a second thought until we take the lucky dip each morning.

However ladies, your bra and thong are the first things you put on in the morning, you should hug and support it in the same way it does for you! Like they say, treat others how you wish to be treated.

If you're one of those girls that pulls a thong out of your drawer with several others knotted together and attached to it... you definitely need to up your game and improve your underwear storage. Storing your lingerie in the right way is paramount to maintaining the wow factor.

Get all of your underwear out and let's restructure. First things first, you definitely need a scented bag to keep your underwear smelling super fresh! Then, let's keep your thong and briefs folded neatly on top of one another, and give them the room they deserve. You're already onto a winner! And most importantly, to maintain the shape and structure of your bras, fold them in half, allow the cups to hug one another, and stack your bras in a row so they all spoon each other inside your drawer. Job done. 

Get a Delicates Only Laundry Basket

Treat yourself to a laundry basket that is specifically waiting for your pretty delicates. This will stop them getting roughed up by your dark denims and heavy clothing items. After all you chose bright whites and pretty girly shades for a reason, let's keep them that way. 

This will also help ensure you give your underwear a different treatment to your more hard-wearing items when it comes to washing.

Be Gentle

Always check your labels and washing instructions ladies, this will help you to ensure you give your underwear exactly what it needs to look and feel beautiful against your skin.

If you want to be extra careful with your delicate pieces, choose a gentle cycle with cool water. Too much heat can deconstruct the fabrics and cause changes in the shape and look of your underwear, which we definitely don't want!

And don't forget... so much can be said for getting the best detergent and fabric conditioner. They're the key to a beautiful wash! 

Drying Racks Trump All

Take it from us, a tumble dryer is your bra and knickers absolute worst nightmare! If you are absolutely desperate, you could pop your underwear in for a quick spin, but we mean a very quick spin!

If you want to get the most out of your underwear sets, you need to avoid the dryer and say hello to the classic and traditional drying rack. Your nan used it, your mum used it, it's time to join the family. 

The heat in the dryer does a great job of bending bra underwires, sagging elastics and breaking down the fibres in the fabrics, which is definitely not what we want for our favourite underwear sets.

Drying racks might take up a little room, but let your underwear hang beautifully and keep their shape and structure for the long haul.

Got Time on Your Hands? Let's Hand Wash!

If you've got a bit of extra time on your hands, hand washing is an absolute dream for your underwear. Especially for those really nice sets that you might need to upgrade your washing game for.

Satin bras, lace lingerie and stretch fit sets will thank you for taking the time to hand wash. Even cotton and jersey items that might instruct that washing on 30 or 40 is suitable can benefit from being treated to a hand wash every now and then.

Separate your darks from your lights, go for room temperature water and treat each item carefully. Don't scrunch, squeeze or twist, instead swirl and let the items soak and clean gently. They will never have felt fresher.


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