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10 Ideas For A Chilled And Relaxed Night In

Jul 31, 2017

We all need to find some time to relax! But sometimes when it comes to it, we forget how to do it right...

We spend so much time running around in our busy, pumped up lives that sometimes, as soon as we press pause, it's really common to find that we just can't sit still and we find that we just don't know how to spend an evening chilling out and having some me-time. Urgh!
So, as the experts in this area, let us tell you how it needs to be done. After all, it's in our name, and boy do we love to lounge!
Do it tonight, do it tomorrow, do it any night of the week (or on the weekend) ... we all need to take time out to chill. It should never be bottom of the list!!
So let's go from 1-10, giving you everything you need to have the best and most relaxed evening in... 
1. Prepare some awesome food and drink something warm and soothing
Food is such a must for a chilled night in. If you can't enjoy good food every once in a while, your mood is going to be, well... not relaxed, let's put it that way. We all have a friend that has that 'before food mood'!
So, first things first, let's prepare some really good food and make sure that the hot chocolate is ready for later.
2. Take a Shower or Have a Bath
Whilst we're talking about all things warm and soothing, freshening up and taking a shower or a bath is a definite must do for your chilled night in. Bath's are definitely a YES, with sensual oils and bubbles, and maybe a colourful bath bomb with a relaxing lavender scent. YUM!
But, let's face it, baths aren't for everyone. Even if you take a nice hot shower, take time to exfoliate and wind down in your own foamy hot world...
They say some of the best ideas come when people take a shower. Maybe your relaxed night in will end up with a promotion at work... then you'll really thank yourself for taking a step away from the madness!!
3. Wear the most comfortable clothes in your wardrobe
Step out of the bathroom and find something with that next level of comfort. Wrap yourself in something so cozy that you can barely feel your wearing anything at all.
Now, you guessed it, we of course recommend a bit of Lounge for this very special occasion. The Apparel is a definite hell yeah! for a chilled night in lounging, or maybe your favourite Triangle underwear set with a cosy dressing gown and fluffy socks is more up your street...
4. Pick the best spot in your home
We all have a room in the house that is the go-to for a bit of me-time. Whether it's your living room or your bedroom... pick your spot and don't move all night long.
5. Create gorgeous warm soft lighting with candles and lamps
So now your full, warm and found your spot in something comfortable... make sure the lighting is just right. No bright harsh lights, let's tone is down with soft lamps and scented candles. Even throw a silk scarf over your lamps to create a really relaxed space.
Once your spot is made to suit the mood, we have a couple of ways to spend your evening, to make sure you wind down and relax to the absolutely maximum... 
6. Find your favourite playlist and shop
Let's lock the world out. Plug in your earphones and find your favourite playlist. Then grab your phone or laptop and have a little window shop, or maybe an actual shop. Retail therapy is always a good way to de-stress.
(Maybe just don't spend too much, as stress levels will definitely increase the next day, when you realise maybe you got a little too relaxed with the credit card.)
7. Binge on Rom-coms or your favourite Boxset
Maybe you'd prefer to binge on your favourite films or series!? Entering into someone else's world is definitely a good way to relax. Have a good laugh at a girly film or turn to your favourite box set and chill.
We definitely recommend maybe Friends or One Tree Hill, rather than Stranger Things or Breaking Bad... let's keep the stress levels down and the smiles wide.
8. Read a girly mag or a good book
Get up to date with the latest magazine trends or get someone to advise on a great new novel to sit down and unwind with.
Again, entering a new world and imagining you're there, can sometimes be the best way to leave all your troubles behind and bring a little perspective into your life.
9. Spend time with the ones you love
Don't forget to invite the ones you love to join in with your relaxing haven.
If your best girl friend is also in need of some me-time, or you and your other half have been a little agitated this week and need some quality time together, make sure they get in on your comfy evening and share the love.
10. Don't forget to sleep
And that brings us to our final and very important piece of advise... don't forget to get some sleep.
Sometimes cozy nights in can lead to late nights watching that box set, or reading way to many chapters of your book... and then the idea of relaxing at home ends up with a later night than being out with the girls, and a headache the next morning because you didn't give yourself enough shut-eye. Make sure you get a good few winks and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day!
So ladies, make sure you find time at least once a week to spend an evening or even an afternoon like this.
There's nothing worse than running yourself into the ground with work stress and life stress. Grab some me-time, go from 1 all the way through to 10 and recharge those batteries! You can thank us later.


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