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Ready, Set... Summer. How To Get Bikini Body Ready With Lounge

Mar 15, 2016

The transition from cuddly knits to skin tight bodycons can be a scary thought. Tank tops, shorts, and swimsuits… oh my life!

It's already March, which means you'll have to peel off your winter fashion very soon. Whilst at the moment only you and your dog know what you've been hiding underneath all those gorgeous layers, we're here to tell you from woman to woman... you’re not the only one who feels insecure at this time of year.
So here are some helpful tips on how to start early and hit it while there is time to make a change before the sun peaks out from behind the grey and it's time to strip the loungewear down to the bare essentials.
1. Bronze Up
When your tanned, I think every girl can agree that you look in the mirror and feel like a sexy, skinny beast. Suddenly you are one of the Kardashians! It's like an optical illusion to the eye that we all love, where your muscles look defined and your curves are luscious and bronzed. Nobody likes to put on a summer skirt with white pasty pins sticking out the bottom. So it's time to pick your favourite tanning remedy and wake up looking like you've been lounging around in the Caribbean for 3 months. Pop on your White Bra and Thong set and your tan will look killer!
2. Find Your Fruit Fettish
It's time to find the fruit of your fancy and replace your much loved chocolates, cakes and crisps for pineapple, passion fruit and kiwi. When you eat well you feel well, and when you feel well, well you'll find yourself walking around looking like a superstar. Fruit is perfect for keeping up your digestion and giving your hair and skin that gorgeous, healthy summer glow. Whether it be the good old naked fruit alone or throwing them all together into a shake - you're on to a winner with the sweet stuff.
3. Sit Up
Crunch, tone and flex your way through life from now until the day the sun makes it's big debut. There's no rule book that says you need to hit the gym heavy every day from now until June. Instead, find a way to bring some much needed abdominal strength into your life. Tense your abs on your drive to work, walk up the stairs rather than taking the lift, and clench your butt whilst sat at your desk. Your body is on the go burning calories all day long, and the more active you are consistently throughout the day, the faster your metabolism will work. And... if you do so in your Lounge Underwear, we promise it will feel good. Grab your White Bra and Briefs set and crunch the day away.
4. Buff Away Your Winter Coat
Your skin may be feeling a little dry and unhappy at this time of year. The cold months have taken their toll, making it really easy to neglect the parts of you that have been hiding away under the covers. It's time to love your body again and buff, shave and exfoliate your skin back to life. Choose rich, thick moisturisers and oil based scrubs and splash away all those nasty dry spots for beautiful clear skin this summer.
5. Squat It Like It's Hot
Everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet, and I'm sorry but here at Lounge we simply have to agree. It's time to make squats your best friend. Laugh together, cry together, let squats be the first point of contact in the morning and the last thing you do at night, and before you know it, you'll love them as much as they love you. You can pulse it, jump it, add a little weight to it, wall sit it, heel raise it or deep sit it. Squats do not need to be dull. You can do them in so many different ways and they don't need to last for an hour long gym session. Set yourself a daily challenge, do a few reps a day with different goals, and you'll be all set for the perfect summer derriere. You will certainly not regret it! Think how could your butt could look this summer in your Black Thong set! 
Keep these up and you'll be flaunting your skin all summer with confidence! Now is the time... Ready, Set... Summer!


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