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Lounge underwear | Caring for you underwear with Melody Jacob

The gorgeous Melody Jacob gives you and insight into why it is important to look after your underwear, with her top tips to how she treats her underwear. Head over to her blog post to read more...
 White underwear | White Bra | Loungewear White underwear | White Bra | Loungewear
Blog author: Melody Jacob
It is very important to care for your underwear, most especially for the ladies.
I will briefly take you through some rules and guild on the management of your underwear, but before I start let me introduce you to my latest sets from Lounge. They are super comfortable and sexy. 
Lounge underwear offers quality briefs for ladies and they are available in different colors such as grey, white and black. The sizes ranges from small to large. The band is very comfy, no mark after long time wear.
As you can see I am wearing mine and I love it. Planning on purchasing more. Get a pair of this White Bra and Thong from Lounge underwear. The shipping is fast and arrives within 8 days.
White underwear | Lounge underwear | White Bra  White underwear | White Bra | Lounge underwear  White underwear | White Bra | Lounge underwear

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