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How to style your Loungewear | Lounge underwear

Yes, you can wear your loungewear 247 and still look on trend. Music to your ears!?

We're living in a golden age of comfy dressing — a lazy girl's fashion paradise. Comfort wear is king! The fact is we all love lounging around and feeling comfy and cosy in what we wear. There's simply no doubt about it. The fashion industry has put it's foot down and decided that you can take your dressed down look out the house with you and rock your loungewear all the day long.

Lounge underwear | Black bra | White Bra

Lounge underwear is giving you the guide on how to style your loungewear - and you know exactly where to start right? Yes - with none other than your Lounge set. There is nothing more perfect to start your outfit with. Nothing more comfortable, flattering and just damn right sexy to put on first thing in the morning.

There are so many ways to style your Lounge underwear.


Maybe you prefer to where you loungewear on the down low, with the banner sitting around your hip bones. Show off your abs and let your torso take the lead. The underwear will sit comfortably around your curvy bits and hold you in where you need it. 

Grey Bra | Grey underwear | Loungewear  Black Bra | Black underwear | Loungewear  White Bra | White underwear | Loungewear


Do you want everyone to know about your Lounge underwear? Then pull those bad boys up ladies. The super stretch fabric is designed to allow you to wear your underwear in a high waisted fashion and show off your loungewear. Perfect with your high waisted jeans and a crop. Add a little sass to your outfit.

White Bra | White underwear | Lounge wear  Grey Bra | Grey underwear | LoungewearWhite Bra | White underwear | LoungewearBlack Bra | Black underwear | Loungewear


There's also alternative ways to wear the bra if you fancy stepping outside the box and ditching the traditional look. The bra is designs to criss and cross at the back with it's detachable straps.

Grey bra | Grey underwear | Loungewear

So why not try have a cute cross at the back of you Lounge bra and even cross over at the front for a super edgy look. Check out @joybejaoui for more inspiration.



Why not try another super edgy look and turn your loungewear inside out. Mix and match your style and change it up between your black or white banner design.

White Bra | White underwear | Loungewear  Grey underwear | Grey Bra | Loungewear


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