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What to wear this Bank Holiday Weekend | Lounge underwear

The Bank Holiday weekend is finally upon us.

Hallelujah I hear you cry!

Lounge underwear | Black Underwear | Black Bra

No matter how you choose to spend your bank holiday, there is always room for a little lounging around. After all - we can finally say goodbye to work and hello to a little bit of me time.

Whether you're heading off for a lovely weekend break by the sea, going out on the town with the girls, having a romantic weekend in with your favourite, doing some much needed DIY or simply have no plans whatsoever other than catching up on your favourite box set - we all need a bit of comfort - but we all want to look great too.

Who doesn't want to sit around in their pants all day eating a tub of Ben and Jerry's with a face mask on? Yes, literally like you see in cheezy American Chick Flicks wishing that was you!

We all need to take a little time out of our crazy workaholic schedules to care for ourselves, unwind and destress. Our deepest apologies if you're a bank holiday worker - you troopers - but I'm sure you'll find a little time to put the work away and just relax. All you need to do is find your comfiest pair of underwear and stroll around the house like your the queen of sass.

Lounge underwear | White Underwear | White Briefs  Lounge underwear | Grey Bra | Grey Underwear | Comfortable Underwear


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