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When did Loungewear become so popular? | Grey Lounge underwear

The evolution of Loungewear

Like monkey to man - loungewear has done the full circle and now plays a huge role in what makes us comfortable in the Summer of 2016.

Loungewear seems to have originated from those gorgeous slouchy indoor outfits that would only ever have been thrown on when you planned not to leave the house for the whole day. Only ever to be seen by your eyes, and maybe your dogs. The perfect, comfortable clothing to simply lounge around in. You could grab your old leggings and an oversized tee, along with some jersey pants and feel like you were wrapped up in cotton wool all day. Great right!?

Well what's better is that now, loungewear has been transformed. It's evolved in to the perfect go-to for our everyday wear. It is now more than often the majority of what our week consists of.

Loungewear no longer needs to look like your wearing your dad's old painting shirt.

Loungewear has been made sexy - and the great thing is, the comfort remains.

Lounge underwear | Loungewear | Grey underwear

But like music to our ears loungewear is now deemed as not only acceptable to wear inside, but now outside too. & it is so hot on trend!! The Spring Summer 2016 must haves for your wardrobe.

The trend was born in grey - grey everything. Grey leggings, grey underwear, grey jumpers, grey tees. Grey just seemed to be the way forward. The perfect grumpy colour for a day of doing nothing. And we still love it in it's natural form.

 Check out our beautiful shots of Adriana rocking the Grey Lounge underwear set.

Lounge underwear | Loungewear | Grey bra Lounge underwear | Loungewear | Grey underwear

Lounge underwear |  

Lounge underwear | Grey bra | Grey underwear

Model: @adrianajuicy


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