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12 Valentine's Date Night Ideas

Jan 14, 2021 · 5 min read

Valentine’s Day is going to be pretty different this year, to say the least.

But hey, just because you’re stuck in the house, it doesn’t mean Valentine’s Day can’t be just as fun or glam. Besides, lockdown dates are so in right now. 

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to spend Valentine’s Day this year with your S.O but you know you want it to involve Netflix, snacking and maybe a cheeky takeout, that’s where we come in!

Valentine's Day date ideas


What to Do on Valentine's Day

We might not be able to dine in Michelin star restaurants this year, but you can still have the perfect Valentine’s Day in your very own home. So, whether you’re coupled up, somewhere in between, or just looking for some fun filled Valentine’s Day activities to do with your besties over a Zoom, we have it all. Make V-Day extra special this year with these creative, non-cheesy and cliche-free Valentine’s Day ideas.

1. Themed Dinner and Movie Night

Remember the snail scene in Pretty Woman? Well, if you’re feeling pretty fancy this year, why not go OTT and get something
extra fancy to indulge in? Okay, it doesn’t have to be snails but you get the idea. Whack on your favourite movie and there you go, you’ll be living a real-life Hollywood dream.

2. Wine Tasting

If you’re wondering how to spend Valentine’s Day this year, what better way to celebrate than by popping open a few bottles? Head on over to your local supermarket and buy a few bottles of wine you and your S.O have been desperate to try. See? You don’t need to jet off to Italy to add wine tasting to your bucket list.

3. Pamper Yourself

How could you possibly turn down a bit of ‘you’ time? Run a hot bath, whip up some quick homemade face masks and go all out with some luxurious body scrubs. You can then hit the sheets like a Queen. You deserve some TLC, after all and your S.O might deserve some too. A romantic night at home never looked more bliss.

4. Take a Virtual Cocktail Making Class

Cocktail making is never a bad idea…like ever. There are loads of virtual cocktail making classes online that are free, so make use of them, girls. You can even get your besties involved over a quick FaceTime.

So, get your best Lounge Set on, head on over to the kitchen and get shaking the night away with some delicious cocktail recipes. Cheers to that!

5. Have a Picnic in Your Living Room

For a romantic Valentine’s Day idea, pull out a picnic blanket, the
extra fancy snacks and vol-au-vents and have a picnic in your very own living room. If you want to be a little OTT, you can even light some candles and fill old jam jars with string lights to make your picnic extra Instagrammable!

6. Cook a Fancy Brunch

And by fancy we mean avocado on toast, eggs benedict, croissants…you get the idea. No one can ever say no to a good brunch!

You can't forget the tea and coffee, either. That's just a must.

7. Bring Out the Board Games

You’ll definitely see a more competitive side to your S.O once you bring out the board games. For the really competitive couples, take a bet on who will be the winner. The loser has to buy dinner. Chinese? Yes, please.

8. Have a Bonfire

Ready to turn up the heat?

If you’ve got a lot of open space, grab some marshmallows, chocolates and some bubbly and spend your evening by the fire. We could all do with some warm goodness this time of year. Our Luxe Balcony has all the firey vibes you need this Valentine's Day to accompany your bonfire bonanza.

9. DIY Chocolate Making

Who needs to buy chocolate when you can make your very own? For a Valentine’s Day date idea, make some homemade chocolate with your S.O that you can both enjoy over a good Netflix binge. (Psst…Chocolate Truffles always go down a treat!) 

Put them all in a bowl once they're done and enjoy! You deserve to indulge.


10. Bring Your Favourite Restaurant to You

If you’re missing your favourite restaurant, why not try and recreate three dishes from their menu? It might not be A La Carte, but we’re sure it will be
pretty close. Get a fancy tablecloth, light a few candles, grab a bottle of wine and voila!


11. Get Outdoors

Mother Nature can really be your best friend, especially when you’re stuck indoors. If you’re stuck for ideas on what to do on Valentine’s Day, go on a hike or take a local walk. If you’re going solo this Valentine’s Day, why not ask one of your besties to meet up with you at a distance?

12. Take a Bike Ride

Now is the
perfect time to take a bike ride, especially as the streets are so quiet. The outdoors is your best friend, girls! Find a scenic location that’s close by so you can stop along the way and have a well deserved rest. Bonus points to whoever finds the best spot!

So, girls, in short, don’t knock Valentine’s Day on the head this year. You deserve to have all the fun in the world, so make it possible with our list of Valentine’s Day activities. And if you really want to push the boat out, why not have a browse through some of the best underwear for V-Day we have on offer? Oh, go on. Your underwear drawer will thank you for it.




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