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Loungewear is the New You | Black White or Grey?

Lounge Underwear | Loungewear | Black underwear

Welcome to Lounge. The new online destination for our beautifully crafted, comfortable underwear, designed to make you feel sexy this fall. We're so glad you landed here and found us - keep skimming to find out what we're all about and what you can expect from this new brand.

Happily, today marks the launch of Lounge, and so I wanted to give you a little snapshot of what we're about and offer you the luxury of being among the first to set your eyes on us. This will be the first of many blogs, where we aim to give you a giggle, girly advice, celebrity news, and update you on what we're up to and what to expect next.

We have spent a long time thinking hard about what girls actually want from their underwear. We often search through our underwear draw moving things out the way, searching for something different and we think we've found the answer. We're all about what makes a girl feel great - and look great. Lounge has been designed to make you look and feel sexy and feminine while still wrapping around your body with the ultimate comfort and support that you deserve.

What you'll see on the website today is the start of our new Lounge range...

Black Bra and Black Briefs
Black Bra and Black Thong
White Bra and White Briefs
White Bra and White Thong
Grey Bra and Grey Briefs
Grey Bra and Grey Thong

The first design is made to show off your skin in all the right places.  We've abandoned bits of unnecessary fabric allowing you to show off all your best bits. It's all about the bust and the hips with this design - making the most of being a woman and flaunting it. The bras are made with jersey cotton fabric, with no boney underwire or itchy hook and eyes notches. We wanted to offer women a simple and comfortable set that gives you the support you need with double layered fabric and elasticated under-breast band.

We know that we can come in all different shapes and sizes so there's none of this if you're a small top we expect you to be a small waist. You can pick and choose between our sizes and find what works best for your body. If you have any questions at all, head over to our live chat option - and if we're not there already, we will be as quickly as possible. We are here to help you pick your size and figure out the best option for you. Don't think of us as a distant robot that isn't contactable, we want to be your friend, offering you a personal service pointing you in the right direction and making sure you make the right choice.

So take a look at the stuff - grab me or one of the team for any advice and please enjoy Lounge.

I'll update with the latest soon!


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