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5 Reasons You Should Absolutely Love Your Small Boobs

Sep 21, 2017 · 3 min read

Girls, there's no reason to be conscious of your A cups

Breast size definitely isn't the definitive feature of how girly or feminine you are - and it certainly doesn't make you any less sexy! Women with smaller boobs have lots of advantages in this world, advantages you should be proud of and sometimes extremely thankful for. Some of the best and most beautiful things come in small packages ladies, and most will tell you... a handful is more than enough (although if you do have more than that, go girl!)

So, let us tell you 5 reasons why you should absolutely love your small boobs...

People will always look you directly in the eye

Girls with smaller busts are more likely to hold the attention of anyone, directly in the eyes. It is the torment of most girls with bigger breasts, that almost no human being can find it physically possible to hold their eye contact for much longer than a lousy 2-3 seconds. Whereas you, with your cute-sized boobs, are the owner of eye contact. So own it!

You're the queen of good posture

A major blessing for those with a smaller bust, is that thanks to your boobs being a little more petite, your back doesn't have to endure the pain that some others are exposed to! You'll never be weighed down by your boobs, your posture can remain upright, and your back can feel relaxed. What a bonus! Not forgetting that unbearable pain of digging in straps that can make outfits feel uncomfortable and awkward... Something your bigger busted friend might have to endure, but something you can only imagine.

Low cut shirts and embellished tops are designed for you

Smaller busts can often open doors to so much beautiful fashion. That low cut, plunging style tee is so in right now... and you have just the body for it. And not forgetting pretty embellished tops, strapless bandeaus and shirts featuring pretty details such as embroidery or sequins - these are all fashion statements that might be hard to wear and sometimes avoided by someone with a bigger chest, but are all go-to's for you. Imagine how jealous she might be of you and your dainty boobs.

Working out isn't a struggle

So many of us like to keep fit, look good and hit the gym once or twice a week. And what's great for you is, your boobs aren't going to punish you for it. You definitely aren't one of those girls that needs to wear 2 sports bras to ensure you can work out comfortably, so don't worry about forking out that extra cash. A light jog around the park is definitely an option asyour pert little boobs won't cause you too much bother, and definitely aren't the two things that stop you from working out... instead it's probably your best friend and wine!

You're confident that guys like you for more than just your boobs

Guys who only like women for their boobs, let's face it, are not the type you're hoping to spend the rest of your life with. If you know your man can love you just the way you are, you're definitely onto a winner. A handful is more than enough, and you know your man isn't just staying involved because he likes the feel of your extra large boobs; it's true love!


So there we go, we rest our case...

Yes big boobs are seen as beautiful, guys love them as much as the girls who own them... but small boobs are also pretty up there. Be proud of your petite perky boobs girls, and don't let anyone tell you that you haven't got enough.

From A cups through to G cups, we're all beautiful!


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