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5 Ways To Wear Lounge Underwear | Black Grey or White Bra

No longer is underwear just something you shove on in the morning, feel uncomfortable in all day and can't wait to get off and put your pyjamas on when you get home. It is too often that we search our underwear draw for something suitable and are forced to go for the same old tatty bottoms with no matching white bra in sight. Bridget Jones chose her favourite comfortable underwear - but unfortunately for her, they really didn't look like so good. We bring you Bridget comfort, mixed with absolute sex appeal.

The day your Lounge underwear box comes through your letter box is the day you start a whole new life of underwear - Lounge really is perfect for the top 5 girly scenarios.

1.  Lazy Sundays. The first best way to wear your set is of course - lounging about. It says it in the name. Throw on your White Bra and Briefs set and the day will be ever more comfortable. Lounge underwear is simply perfect for those Sundays you just want to slob out on the sofa with a mug of tea, a tub of Nutella and a stack of rom-coms. Whether you choose the thong or brief set, you'll feel comfortable all day with the perfect underwear to wear under your tracksuit and chill out. Having the Lounge banner peak out the top of your joggers is super cute and definitely the best way to rock out a Sunday.

2. To the gym. Lounge is the perfect gym gear underwear to ensure you feel supported and work out in comfort. We are not trying to replace the must-have sports bra. We all know a sports bra is a necessity if you're working it on the tredmill or doing a few rounds of star jumps, but for those gym days that include some much needed squat reps and a touch of weight training, the black bra and thong is the one. It's the perfect underwear for support, shape and ultimate comfort. 

3. Girls night out. Boobs pushed up to your chin and tiny g-strings are on their way out and a natural bust and banner briefs are in. The underwear fashion is changing, and Lounge is here to stay. Today's world is calling out for a natural bust. All the celebs are jumping on the jersey style trend - including the much loved Kardashians - and they just love to show it off. Lounge underwear looks great under a sheer blouse with a pair of high waisted jeans with heels. Show off your Lounge banner under your favourite crochet top and you're definitely onto a winner.

4. Girls night in. For those nights that you and your girlfriends have a night in painting your nails, fake tanning and eating so much chocolate and ice cream that you can't even imagine counting the calories, Lounge underwear is definitely the brand you want to be seen in. One of you can choose the grey bra, and the other the black bra and show off your individual style and feel comfortable all night long.

5. To bed. Some of us like to go to bed in the nude, some of us have a fluffy onesie, and some of us have our favourite big tee.. but the rest of us are dreaming sweetly in ultimate comfort in our Lounge underwear sets. Who knew you could feel sexy on your period pants. And who new that your boyfriend actually prefers your jersey set to your lace. Whatever your night holds, Lounge fits it all - and to absolute perfection.


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