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Lounge Underwear | Why Choose a Lounge Bra Over Lace?

The topic of comfortable underwear has become more and more, well... trendy.

It seems that the much loved lace (though still very much loved) has become a second option to a little bit of much loved comfort. Especially when we’re talking about the everyday/go to work/running an errand kind of knickers. If it’s not, at bare minimum, so comfortable that you forget you’re wearing it, we say, what’s the point!?

There’s nothing worse than constantly needing to pull, tug, and readjust your underwear just to get through your day. Gone are the days that comfortable underwear was nothing but ugly, big and frumpy. The truth is, girls are becoming more interested in actually feeling nice in their underwear, not just by how it looks but how it actually feels against their skin. And its not only us girls that are enjoying this new jersey look - our other halves are loving it too... bonus!

Lounge Underwear | Loungewear | White underwear

Lounge underwear is certain to become that pair of underwear that you pull out of your knicker draw every morning and just don't want to take off when you go to bed that night. Comfort made sexy - say goodbye to lace and hello to Lounge underwear - the underwear you've been waiting for! Pick the Black Bra, White Bra or Grey Bra with your choice of matching Thong or Briefs.


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