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White Bra Lounge Underwear | Comfortable Jersey Underwear

I think it's safe to say that the world has formed a mild obsession with Loungewear. Comfortable clothes are no longer saved for the comfort of your own four walls, instead girls all around the world are uniting in this unavoidable Loungewear love affair. Loungewear is most definitely a chic street style this Spring!

It's the perfect way to take the classic black bra or white bra that we all need as a necessity in our underwear draw... but we've made it pure comfort. And, added in a little grey bra for the ultimate Loungewear look.

Sometimes on a Monday, looking at your wardrobe and trying to find something to suit your mood can feel like an impossible mission. But, if today you left your home in your pyjama set or loungewear, you must be told: that's ok with us and fashion’s absolutely got your back.

It's time to ditch the glammed up look. Say farewell to your tight uncomfortable trousers and embroidered cropped jacket and embrace the casual effortless look.

Loungewear is everywhere - in the shopping centres, on the dance floor, in the coffee and tea lounges and even out on a Friday night. Look around at your fellow instagrammers and see the Loungewear lovers unravel. It's here, and it's here to stay.

Maybe it's not your thing to rock the streets in your comfies, but what you can do is feel the comfort from underneath the glam. Stay at home bras and pants are no longer to be locked in doors - let them see the world and enjoy the journey with you. 

Check out the White Bra Sets on some of our gorgeous bloggers. Making white underwear sexy again!


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