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Why Choose Comfortable Underwear?

Mar 01, 2016

Underwear that makes you smile! 

You may not know it, or have ever even thought about it... but underwear is most definitely the most important part of your outfit. Your underwear builds the frame and shape of every outfit you wear and when you feel good in what you wear, you look even better wearing it. So comfort absolutely is key!
For so long, we have had to battle the decision of either looking good or feeling good in our underwear. It's that toss up between your favourite big pants, that you would want never ever to be seen dead in, but that you can always rely on for a day full of figure hugging comfort...
... Or, that tiny pair of undies that yes look fabulous, but god do they drive you mad!
Underwear sits against your skin all day long. It literally couldn't get any closer. So it is absolutely vital to ensure it feels comfortable.
Underwear isn't meant to be scratchy, pinching, or unflattering. And while choosing comfortable underwear can be challenging with the wide range of choices out there, it is easier once you get you head around what you should be looking for.
Lounge explains what to look for when choosing your underwear, so that you can make good choices that will leave you feeling comfortable and supported in your underwear all day long.     

Lounge Tips:

Choosing the right size is our number one top advise!
When it comes to comfort, the fit should be considered before anything else. Underwear that pinches and pulls, rides up in all the wrong places, and generally makes your life as miserable should be avoided at all costs. 
You simply have to avoid any temptations to tell yourself to go one size smaller because you'll have lost 2 pounds at the end of the week. Underwear that squashes your gorgeous curves is only going to make you look and feel frumpy.
Another biggy is the fabric.
Make sure you're choosing underwear that is soft to touch, that is breathable and that doesn't have that horrible itchy feeling that will more than likely do your head in all day long. We want, and need, underwear that sits against your skin with support and comfort. One thing to look out for it that scratchy label that rubs against your skin. We're talking about the one that after one wear you just have to cut out. Choose underwear with seamless lines and smooth materials.
Not forgetting, no matter what your size - you need support.
Supportive and contoured underwear is essential for all of us. This doesn't necessarily always mean under-wiring - but it does mean a combination 3 simple things:
Underwear that supports you under the chest and holds your bust up comfortably with the desired cleavage that suits your needs.
Underwear that supports you as it wraps itself around your back - that is not too tight, nor too big.
Underwear that has the straps pulled to the correct length to ensure that you're not damaging your back.
If you've got all three in the bag - you've got yourself a shopping bag full of love.
So there you have it - some easy steps to ensure your underwear is the best it possibly can be. As after all - you deserve it!


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