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8 Fun Spring Date Ideas

Apr 17, 2021 · 4 min read
If you’re keen to meet your Hinge or Tinder match in person, or if those candlelit dinners at home with your other half just aren’t cutting it anymore - now is the perfect time to spice up your dating life!

Dating in spring is always a good idea. The weather is better, you can wear practically anything, people are genuinely happier and seeing as so many venues and attractions will be opening up soon, the world is pretty much your oyster. We’ve all done the virtual dates and pretty much exhausted FaceTime and Zoom so it's time for a change of scenery.

Although the world is still a little bit bleak, your dating life doesn’t have to be. We’ve compiled 8 spring date ideas which are fun, cheap and totally pandemic approved. What more could you ask for? These date ideas for spring will help you get right back into the swing of dating in a flash and besides, outdoor dating is so in right now.

Queue the outfit coordinated face masks…

Spring date ideas

1. Take a walk somewhere scenic

We’ve already compiled some walking date outfits for you. Now, to kickstart your spring date, you just need to find the perfect scenic spot to set your romance ablaze. Botanical gardens are always a top pick, and they’re fairly priced. Plus, you can socially distance the whole way and the floral settings make the perfect background for your first photo together. If you don’t have a botanical garden nearby, head over to your local park or meet your date halfway.

2. Have a romantic picnic

Picnic dates are the trend everyone is living for right now. It’s the perfect outdoor date and it gives you an excuse to indulge in all those Pinterest vibes. Grab your picnic basket, an old gingham blanket, some fine dining approved snacks and away you go. If you’re struggling for some ideas, we’ve got some picnic date ideas right

Why not take your romantic picnic somewhere scenic with our top UK holiday destinations?


3. Go on a bike ride

As a spring date idea, hop on a bike with your date and get biking. Make sure you’re hitting all the top spots whether you live in the city or somewhere more rural. Just think, you’ll be putting in some active miles, saving the environment and getting to know your S.O inside and out. It’s pretty much a win win.

4. Do that fun TikTok trend

You know the one we mean, right? Get into the car, hit a few food spots, drive to said place to get some drinks. Play a game of rock, paper, scissors as to who picks what you’re eating. Repeat. It’s outdoor dating made mobile. Masks required of course.

Spring date ideas

5. Sit outdoors at a restaurant

In the UK from 12th April, outdoor dining will officially be a thing again! Say goodbye to oven food and takeaways and hello to food you haven’t had to cook yourself (plus - no washing up!). This is the perfect spring date to ease yourself back into the swing of things. Plus, nothing says getting to know your date better than a few burgers and a good old natter in a beer garden, right?

6. Stargaze

For a romantic spring date, why not try stargazing? Cosy up in a blanket each , grab a hot chocolate and watch the stars. You can even search for constellations if you want. It’s the perfect opportunity to make meaningful collections, away from the city (uh, or village) lights.

7. See a drive-in movie

Drive-in cinemas are so much fun and infinitely better than being stuck inside. This is the perfect outdoor date for spring if like many of us, you’ve missed the cinema and crave a little bit of normality. It’s actually kind of better than a normal cinema… you don’t have to sneak your snacks in!

8. Sip on a selection of wines in your local park

Head to your local supermarket and make use of those 3 for £10 deals on their best selection of wines. Lay out all your wine glasses with your wine choices, make a cheese board to accompany your selection and voila! You might not be able to visit Italy this year, but you can certainly bring Italy to you. Call it ‘le-improvising’.

What are you most looking forward to about dating in spring?

Let us know in the comments.


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