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8 Interesting Facts about Boobs that will Blow Your Mind

May 04, 2019 · 5 min read

Boobs. We all have them.

Whether they’re perky, big, bouncy or petite, it’s always good to learn that little bit more about the bits that fill your bra, girls. As much as we love our boobs, they’re cup-able of so much more than just looking great. Seriously.

Ladies, we’ll be honest...there are many facts about boobs that you probably don’t know and it’s good to know your boobs inside and out. After all, we want to educate you on these things. Our boobs are like our Breast friends - we spend every second, minute, hour and day with them and three is never a crowd. It’s what we like to call breast practice.

Research shows that there may be a few facts about boobs that we just don't know and it’s time we pay attention to those brilliant buns.

So, let's go back to the basics...

Here are ten interesting facts about boobs that you probably didn't know...

1. On average, a woman's bra size will change at least 6 times in her lifetime

Boobs are sensitive, a little like us, ladies. An interesting fact about boobs is that they can change size significantly over your lifetime. Yes, really.

This can be a result of weight loss, weight gain, when Mother Nature comes knocking on your door once a month or when we’re going through ovulation. Oh, and let's not forget pregnancy.

We need to take care of our breasts, girls. Make sure you’re wearing a comfortable and supportive bra that hugs your boobs and gives them all the TLC that they deserve. Even if that does mean an underwear drawer refresh a little more often than you were expecting. I mean…we’re not complaining!

2. Most women have a blessed 'leftie'

Experts say that 65% of women have a larger left breast than their right. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one!

This is one of the more fun facts about breasts. Weird, we know, but due to our immune system being more sensitive on our left side, tissue on the left side of our body is plumped, causing the left breast to sometimes be a little perkier and rounder than the right. Boobs don’t have to be asymmetrical to look great. Embrace the diversity, ladies.


3. 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size

It’s true, girls.

Experts have found that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size and to be honest, we can’t quite believe it. We’ve lived with our boobs forever, ever since we blossomed into the powerful women we are today!

So, how do you tell if you’re wearing the wrong bra size?

Well, ladies, we’re here to fill you in. To start with, you should always wear your bra on the loosest hook and then as the band stretches, you can change it to the second hook and eventually, the tightest to keep the same level of support. As a generic guideline, you should be able to fit two fingers between your back and your bra strap to make sure you’re all cupped up with the right bra size.

Your cups should also be big enough so that your breasts are tucked inside and all snug. Nobody wants boob spillage, after all.

Also make sure that the side wire is flat and not digging against your ribcage or breast tissue. We recommend getting a bra fitting every year because our buns blossom and bloom, girls - they’re everchanging! If you’re not comfortable going to a bra fitting in person, why not check out The Fitting Room? We can work out your bra size in 60 seconds so you don’t have to. All online. Yes, really.

We are Comfort Made Sexy, after all.

4. Men have nipples and breasts because all fetuses are female at first


Yep, it’s true. Girl power!

Every fetus starts as a female and it isn’t until six weeks in that testosterone starts to take hold. Behold, the human body! Pretty fascinating, right? This is definitely one of the more interesting facts about boobs that just blows our minds to the core.


5. You shouldn't sleep on your cushions, no matter how big or small

Boobs might be comfortable, but they are not to be slept on. We’re sorry, girls.

Experts say that it’s better for us ladies to sleep on our back or side. When we sleep on our chest every night, we can change the shape of our breasts and nobody wants that. It will take years and we mean years of sleeping facedown to notice a change in shape but when it comes to prevention, the earlier you start, the better!


6. There are eight different types of nipples

Our boob facts aren’t done just yet, girls.

If your minds aren’t blown enough, you’ll be pleased to know that there are all types of nipples, approximately eight! Yes, different types of nipples do exist. We love a bit of variety, after all. You can have normal nipples, flat nipples, puffy nipples and inverted nipples. The list goes on.

7. Scientists seriously don't know why women have full breasts all of the time

Another fun fact about breasts: they’re full all the time. Honestly. Human breasts appear full even when we’re not breastfeeding which is pretty cool. So, what’s the low-down?

Studies suggest that the fullness and roundness of our breasts relate back to the red buttcheeks of our ape ancestors. Not exactly what we had in mind but it’s another boob fact we surely needed.


8. Sagging is inevitable

We're sorry to be the bearer of bad news, girls. Unfortunately, saggy boobs are an actual thing and you can't avoid them. Unless you have corrective surgery, the older you get, the more your breasts will sag over time. We know it's not what you want to hear but we're firm believers of beauty coming in all shapes and sizes, so let them hang, girls. Embrace it!


There you have it - some interesting facts about boobs to enhance your boob knowledge. Go out there and educate your Breasties and wider Female Family with all that boob goodness. 



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