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A World of Strong Women... We're in Good Hands!

Mar 06, 2018 · 3 min read


Strong. Confident. Determined.

Yes, all of the above. This Thursday 8th March it is International Women's Day, a day in the calendar we simply couldn't ignore. At Lounge, we're working on a woman's mission to extend our female family and empower women all across the world.

As if we haven't told you this enough times already... but let us drum it into you one more time. All women, all around the world, no matter where you are, or what you're doing... you deserve to feel confident, loved, respected and strong. This International Women's Day let's stand together as proud women. Destiny's Child did not run around the world with their fists in the air for nothing girls.

Woman to woman - it's important to do your absolute damnedest to be focussed, have goals and think BIG. Now, that is not to say that you need to travel the world, have a baby, get promoted and cure world hunger, all before the year is through... But what it does mean, is that...


We were born with our own heads girls, our own heads on our own shoulders... just the same as all of those big tough men out there. (The only difference is, we were also blessed with gorgeous curves too! Something our bras are ever so grateful for.)

It's easy to forget who you want to be in today's world. Especially when there are so many expectations of what the perfect woman looks like, acts like, smells like, talks like... and the rest. Well that's what International Women's Day is all about- finding your place and what YOU want to represent as a woman.

So, with International Women's Day's values written into our souls, we solemnly promise to keep doing what we're doing... supporting our girls, driving messages of confidence into your hearts, and much much more for all of the young women growing up in today's world. 

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To celebrate International Women's Day, we're running our #WomenAre campaign to remind all our beautiful women of EVERYTHING that they are. Women are so many great things, so let's let our voices be heard and remind ourselves of everything we are and want to be...

We'll start with just three...& let's continue to share everything you know that #womenare, and be thankful for being born female!

1. STRONGNot all that long ago, the idea of women being strong was not spoken of. But today, women are empowered and reminded of the strength that's held within.

With fire in our bellies, passion in our hearts and muscles in our arms, we have fought to be heard, and shall continue to until the job is done. At Lounge, we strive to continue offering that strong female voice within an industry full of suggestions of what you should be. We pledge to keep telling our beautiful female family to find self-love, have confidence and feel proud.

2. CONFIDENTWe've all got confidence hidden somewhere, some of us are just figuring out how to harness it. 

Confidence is beautiful, and for some it can be a key to happiness. It is very easy in this world to lose who we are, or who want to be... especially as there are so many representations of what a woman "should" be. But remember, no woman was born the same. Every woman walking around with confidence in every gesture has built it from the bottom and held it at the top.

3. DETERMINEDBe determined to do something. To make an impact, to change the unchangeable, imagine the imaginable and stop the unstoppable.

We are determined, determined to ensure both of the above are achieved and embraced by all of our female family. You must always look forward with strength and confidence and be determined to make your mark. Every girl has different wishes, hopes and dreams, and with a little determination - they're yours.

Share with us all of the many things that #WomenAre and celebrate this statement day of womanhood with Lounge.


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