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An Introduction to #FEELYOURBREAST2022

Lounge Underwear breast cancer awareness

Yep, you read that right.  

#FeelYourBreast2022 has begun and it’s bigger than ever before... 

Here’s why: 

When diagnosed at its earliest stage, 98% of people with breast cancer will survive for 5 years or more but what about that 2%? What about those brave individuals who fight until the very end but ultimately leave us forever? 

Since 2018, we’ve been teaching you Loungers exactly how to check your breasts and pecs for lumps, bumps and any signs of breast cancer and guess what... we’re not stopping any time soon! 

So, on the 22nd day of the 2nd month of 2022, we made our first stand against cancer - for that 2% and for all the other men and women fighting for their lives.  



In 2022, we’ve made it our mission to make that 2%, 0. 

We’ve made it our mission to mark every month as a new step in our movement against breast cancer.  

So, say goodbye to our annual October campaign and start reminding yourself how to check your breasts and pecs for lumps, bumps and everything in between as we’ll be hot on your heels to do just that Every. Single. Month.  

Because breast cancer awareness is worth more than that.  
Because once a year just isn’t enough.  
Because once a year, won’t save that 2%.  

The true cost of cancer goes way beyond health; it impacts every aspect of a person’s life and with COVID-19 causing almost 11,000 people in the UK to be living with undiagnosed breast cancer, knowing how to check for breast cancer has never been more vital. 

That’s why breast cancer awareness is something we are endlessly passionate about here at Lounge. That’s why we will continue to say more, fight harder and forever campaign for a world free from cancer, a world with our loved ones still by our side. 

With your support, we will save lives.
Together, we can kiss cancer goodbye.  

Remember: Early. Detection. Saves. Lives. 

Now, I think you all know what to do next... #FeelYourBreast.