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April Fools!

Lounge Underwear April Fools!

Pinch, punch, it’s the first of the month!  

It’s April 1st Loungers, and you know what that means – Happy April Fool’s Day!  

Whilst Lounge HQ might be a professional workplace, we love to pull a few pranks every now and then.  

This April Fool’s Day, we unleashed our mischievous sides and decided to turn towards our Founders. 

From making a mess of their morning cuppa to parking in their spot, we went all in and it’s safe to say we aren’t in their good books today.  


Sometimes the best pranks are the simplest ones. 

It's safe to say Mel had quite the surprise this morning when she was warmly welcomed with a surprise standing ovation from the entire office. 


At Lounge, we LOVE a good brew and so do our Founders (seriously, we take tea-loving to a whole new level).  

There’s nothing worse than a poorly made cuppa, right?  

That’s why we knew making multiple bad brews would earn us some serious prankster bonus points.  


Each and every one of our campaigns here at Lounge are carefully crafted by our Loungers, but that’s not without the help of our Founders who play a HUGE part in bringing these concepts to life.  

So, what better way to thank them for their hard work than making them the new faces of Lounge, literally – we stuck their faces all over the office.  

We always new Dan and Mel would model for Lounge one day... 


This one deserves an ‘A’ for effort... 

It certainly caused a stir when every single one our Loungers switched up their Slack profile pictures to become Mel and Dan.  

Talk about a doppelgänger dilemma!  


Did someone park Dan’s spot?! Oops... 

Everyone knows the best pranks take a little bit of planning, which is why this one takes the top spot. 

Let’s just say that Dan didn’t take well to his prized parking spot being stolen this morning... which is why this was the perfect prank to pull on our CEO!  


Loungers, you didn’t think we’d leave you out did you? 

By now, you’ve probably seen our paper pants prank and don’t try and pretend we didn't successfully pull one over on you. 

At Lounge, we take sustainability seriously but I think you’ll agree this might have been a step too far (sorry not sorry)! 


And that's a wrap! Whatever you got up to this morning, we hope it gave you a few giggles.  

After all, laughter is the best form of medicine.  

Want to see our trickery in action? Watch this: