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Jul 03, 2020

Did someone say NEW Lounge Swimwear Collection!?

YES! - Yes, we did!

Coming this very Sunday… 5th July 2020, at 7PM BST precisely (that’s UK time for those who are tempted to get Googling and setting their alarm).

If you haven't already heard, well… where have you been!?

The first place you need to get yourself is right > here <

The hub of BTS, the tease you need… a quick whizz tour with sneak peeks of what’s coming... what colours, what fabrics… EVERYTHING! We like to keep our girls in the know, you know this.

And when you’re done over there, come right back here, as we’re about to give you even more must know information…

‘The’ Summer Swim Collection of the season…

And we’re not joking. It really is!

This collection brings you a bit of everything you need.

Everything you expect to see from Lounge, and soooo much more.

We’re talking rich textured fabrics, unique branded prints, colours for every mood, and your favourite Miami Set making a comeback! What more could a girl want?!

We’ve honestly gone all out to bring you a sense of escapism, a reason to sit in the sunshine, and an undeniable urge to buy the lot. Eek!

But… you lucky so-and-so, by finding yourself here in this blog, you might actually be in with a chance to WIN before you splurge on Swimwear! 

No purchase needed, no need to hit-up your Buy Now, Pay Later! Just an all-out opportunity to WIN your favourite.

Tell me more, we hear you cry!

Oh don’t worry, we’re diving right in…

Right, so - from tomorrow we’re giving you a chance to win one of our beautiful new designs from our upcoming Swimwear Collection, all before anyone else can get their hands on it. Now that’s an exciting opportunity!

We recommend that you stay close and keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram Stories tomorrow. We’ll be creating your very own virtual passport on Instagram, ready for you to screenshot and repost to your Instagram Story… taking you to your dream destination (virtually of course) - and putting you in the hot seat to potentially win your dream Lounge Swim Set before anybody else.

It’s literally that simple. And it really is that exciting!

That’s as much as we can say for now… but basically - keep an eye on our stories over the next 24 hours!

And make sure you’re ready for the launch at 7PM BST on Sunday 5th July.

Who knows, you might have already won your favourite Swim Set, but in case it wasn’t your lucky day… get that alarm set. You won’t regret it!

Seaaaaa you there Sun-Lounger!

We’re quite literally, swimming your way...


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