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At Home Lounging? | Self Care Advice To Keep You Motivated Whilst WFH

Mar 20, 2020

Hey there lovely loungers!

Firstly - How are you!?

By clicking on this blog, we feel like maybe you’re in need of a bit of girl talk - and well girls - you’re certainly in the right place for exactly that...

Lounging has never been quite so real for us, & in light of the world’s current situation - it seems social media is quickly becoming our only window to the outside world... But whilst we know how easy it is to fall into that never-ending Tiktok spiral, sometimes we need to remind ourselves that taking the time out to keep active & healthy - in mind, body and spirit - is SO important right now.

And well, that’s where we step in…

We’ve got all of the mindful-motivational-moments you need in your life, to keep your Lounge time fresh, calm and full of life.

Stuck on just how to fill your time?!

Don’t worry, we're here for you, (of course).

Let's stay motivated together!


Yep you heard it right…

It’s time to talk about YOU.

We know it’s not always easy to put yourself first, but there’s never been a time so right…

This week we are going to talk all about self-care, self-love and remind you how important me, myself and I really are.

Did you know, maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself will produce positive feelings at a crazily powerful rate and will boost your self-confidence along with your self-esteem!

Sounds pretty good right?

We think so too.

Not sure where or how to start?

Keep reading…

1: EAT, drink - cook!

Keep your energy levels high!

That’s right, we’re being mum.

But now’s the time to listen to her/(us!)

You need to be making every effort to get all of those juicy nutrients down you, to keep you feeling all kinds of lush and healthy!

This will keep your iron levels high, which is super important for you and your body.

We might be going even more mum on you now - but seriously girls, without that magical iron, your body could be feeling a little more tired than normal, and lead you to feel a little low - which at times likes these, is the very last thing on your list.

Get some yummy veg, nuts and fruits in you and that will get you feeling yourself again in no time!


Hydration station - go, go, go!

We can’t stress this enough.

Drinking enough water each and every day is so important not only for regulating your body temperature and maintaining blood pressure, but also for boosting and nourishing your skin health.

**Fun Fact - Tea actually does contribute towards your daily recommendation of 2 litres per day- hooray!

So get that kettle boiling and biscuit tins at the ready!! Everything is going to be jussssst fine.

2. Yoga time!

Why not take this time to try something new?

Yoga is practised for a whole number of reasons... from reducing stress, to benefiting health & well-being, to improving flexibility and working every muscle in your body! (Even some muscles you didn't realise you had!)

Yes, the standing warrior pose and the downward dog may seem a little daunting at first, but this is the perfect time to learn and build that confidence! - in the comfort of your very own home.

Find a safe space, take 30 mins for yourself and follow a simple Youtube tutorial - you never know, this could be something you really learn to love!

It’s certainly our favourite part of the day.

3. Set the tone with the perfect playlist or podcast!

Music can lift any mood, and with a new day comes new challenges, from mellow mornings to supercharged workouts, there will always be a playlist to get you through.

Perhaps a podcast is something new for you to try?

From light-hearted fun with Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Chicken Shop Date, tips and learning with personal trainer Alice Liveing or even a cheeky laugh with Made In Chelsea legends Jamie & Boulle (Private Parts)...

Podcast topics can be anything to get your brains ticking and tummy’s chuckling at any time of the day!

Let us know your faves in the comments!

We need some new recommendations at Lounge… our team is working from home too - so give our girls some new Podcast inspo below!

4. Netflix & Chill.. Yes, actually CHILL!

Did somebody say Netflix party?!

Are you in!?

The Netflix gods’ have recently introduced a new feature and extension allowing groups of friends to come together virtually (so we can still have those needed girly nights and get into our favourite PJ’s) and watch your favourite shows.

Genius, we know!

Why not begin your screening at 7PM, armed with popcorn and sweets? Make your room into your very own cinema den & relax.

No-ones judging!

In fact - we predict every single Lounger out there is prepping the perfect Netflix set up... right. this. second.

I bet you’re thinking... BUT I spend more time looking for something than actually watching it?

Don’t worry we gotcha…

Top 5 Netflix recommendations from our lovely Loungers:

1. Gossip Girl - yes, again! & if you haven’t already, where have you been?!

2. Cheer - Did anyone actually realise how hard cheerleading is?! All we have to say is - wow!

3. Sex & The City - THE ultimate chick flick, need we say more?

4. Love is Blind - Ok, bare with us - you have to give this a chance but once you're in, you're hooked. It’s highly addictive!

5. Clueless - bringing the 90’s classic back inspiring all kinds of retro fashion trends, this one is bound to bring back those nostalgic memories.

5. Tidy home, tidy mind.

I guess we can stop procrastinating now...

That wardrobe that's bursting at the seams.

Those cupboards filled with clothes & make up that's been collected over the years.

They can finally be tackled.

It’s finally time to let that dress go, you know - the one you promised you would make use of again but it’s been 6 months and well, let's face it, it’s not looking promising!

We’re all guilty of this.

Take some top tips from Marie Kondo, a Japanese organising consultant who can make all kinds of clutter tidy and organised in the most spectacular way! (We’re not kidding, she’s all kinds of epic!

Make it fun! Tap to tidy, by taking that before and after picture, and we promise - the level of satisfaction when everything is back in its rightful position is literally second to none.

Your home will become your haven.

P.s. You have to promise that your underwear drawer organisation comes first!

Fold your moulded bras in half and cup them into each other, like literal spooning bras… and you could even take it to the next level with your undies laid flat and layered up in colour order…

Oh - the underwear joys! We’re actually smiling writing this.

One last thing…

Stock up on those candles for that extra calming, perfect ambience and finishing touch!

We know the shops are in utter madness right now… but we just happened to notice that candles are staying on the shelves.

And well, that’s what lounging dreams are made of.

Did this help!?

Are you feeling a little more relaxed and settled with a practical list of mindfulness filled tasks!?

We really do hope so!

Tell in the comments below if you have more top tips to keep your Female Family motivated.

Psst… don't forget those Podcast recommendations! We’re waiting…



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