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Black History Month: Black is Beautiful

Lounge Underwear Black History Month: Black is Beautiful

Happy Black History Month, Loungers.

As a brand dedicated to uplifting women all around the world, it’s our duty to recognise the successes, achievements and history of black culture. Not just today, but always.

We have the platform to make a difference and we will always give a voice to those who deserve it because black is beautiful. It always has been and it always will be.

To celebrate Black History Month, we caught up with some of our Female Family on what Black History Month means to them and how they’re celebrating.

Keep on reading to find out more.

Black History Month with Lounge



How have the past two years impacted you as a black woman?

The past few years have been rather involved - an unprecedented time, to say the least. But me, as a black woman, I have had to really take in every event and try to draw a positive or learn a lesson from it. I definitely found value in community, in the importance of mental health and balance. Especially given that a lot if the variables that were occurring in the last two years were out of our control. So I really learned the importance of balance and health.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

Black History Month is a celebration. It’s a time to really dive into the culture and the history that is just years and years and years beyond my life and even generations before me. So rich in culture and in African heritage that, you know, a month isn’t enough to contain it. But I just take the time to celebrate and really, really learn something new every year.

Tell us a little bit about how you use your social media platform to advocate for equality?

I strive to use my socials to bring awareness, and advocate for persons of colour all across the spectrum, in particularly people with disabilities. I’m an amputee and I have to, I make it a goal that every room that I walk into, I make it known that I am a black disabled woman and proud. I deserve to be here and so do my colleagues and friends, and everyone involved in our community. Our bodies, our conditions do not define us, and we are more than worthy of all of the opportunities that everyone else has.

Can you tell us what makes you proud in relation to your community, and your achievements?

I am super, super proud of my community for so many different reasons. Being a black, disabled, bionic model has brought so many wonderful people into my life. I follow so many creators, dreamers, innovators that though they may have a disability, it’s never stopped them. It’s something that they continue to advocate for, it’s taught me to advocate as well and I am super proud of the fact we’re loud, we’re bold, and we’re not giving up.

‘Black is…’

Black is beautiful, black is bold, it’s rich, it’s cultured. It’s undefined, endless, limitless and amazing. Never doubt your power, never doubt your influence.  You’re here, you’ll always be here, and you should never give up.


How have the past two years impacted you as a black woman?

Within the past few years, being a black woman has impacted my life in such an interesting way. Within the past few years we’ve seen racism, we’ve seen hate, anger, especially towards the black community and especially towards the black women community. And so, with that being said I’ve allowed myself to kind of step back and just view the whole picture. And with that happening, I’ve allowed myself to open my eyes and realise that you have a voice, you have a platform, and use it.

So, I’ve been on the front lines fighting for justice. I’ve been on social media posting, I’ve been talking to people, I’ve been travelling and spreading the word. I’ve been using my platform to speak to the younger generation and allow them know that our curls are beautiful, our skin is beautiful, our bodies are beautiful, we’re smart, we’re intelligent, we’re brilliant, we’re bright.

So, with all that being said, within the past two years, being a black woman has impacted me in such a powerful way, because it’s allowed me to open up and use my voice, and potentially help others, and also help others understand the other side.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

To me, Black History Month is really about celebrating and acknowledging the culture and also acknowledging the success and accolades that we’ve made thus far. Whether it's the creators, whether it's the artists, whether it’s leaders, scientists, whoever it is - just really acknowledging and appreciating all of the contributions that the black community has contributed today.

Tell us a little bit about how you use your social media platform to advocate for equality?

I’ve used my social media platform to advocate for equality because I preach on a daily basis, that no matter what hair texture you have, no matter what skin colour you have, no matter what size you are, whatever it is, no matter what your background is, that you are both worthy and both valid.

Can you tell us what makes you proud in relation to your community, and your achievements?

What makes me proud about my community and the achievements we’ve made thus far is we are really setting an amazing example and setting the stage for the generations to come. I think back on my parents' generation and their parents' generation and so on, and not once would they ever see somebody that looked like them on a magazine cover, or rocking a runway, or in a position of power, such as our Vice President.

So, we’re really setting the stage and setting a great example for the generations to come, so that they don’t have to deal with some of the issues that we’ve dealt with, or past generations have had to deal with.

We think black is beautiful. What would you say to those who may doubt their own worth?

For those who may doubt their worth, I just want to let you guys know that no matter what you look like, whether your big, small, black, white, purple, whatever it is, no matter what you are, people are always going to have something negative to say about you or they just won’t like you. So with that being said, live your best life for you and you only. Don’t stop doing things because somebody else said that you can’t, don’t hold back because you don’t see anybody else that looks like you. Just keep living a life, and live that life for you.

‘Black is…’

Black is beautiful. Black is bold. Black is confidence. Black is owning your truth. Black is standing up for what’s right. Black is me.

Black History Month x Lounge

It might be Black History Month for now, but we will never stop supporting our Loungers, regardless of age, colour, size, nationality...you name it.

Want to continue celebrating with us? Discover the black women who have inspired us through time.

We love all of you. Now and forever.