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Behind the Scenes of our Black Friday Sale With Dakota Fink

Lounge Underwear Lounge Black Friday Sale: BTS

Want to come behind the scenes of our biggest Black Friday Sale ever? Well, you’re officially invited, Loungers! 

We live for exclusive access, so get ready and take a seat. Who knows, you might even see a blooper or two? 

This year, we wanted our Black Friday Campaign to be even more sensational. Besides, we’re known for pushing the boundaries and this year, we lived up to expectations.

We took to the streets of Manchester with none other than Lounge beauty, Dakota Fink, to bring sensational savings and mind-blowing displays to life. And it’s safe to say we definitely turned some heads!

From exploding underwear to dancing in the rain, there's no doubt our Black Friday Sale shoot went off! Now you can experience it too. Trust us, this is a show you don’t want to miss.

SHOP SALE Black Friday Sale


Along with hundreds (and we mean hundreds - maybe even thousands!) of pairs of underwear, our Loungers headed to Manchester to capture allll the action. 

To avoid anyone getting caught in the crossfire, our Lounge crew took over part of the city. After all, when we say we mean business, we mean business! 

This year, we asked a member of our Female Family, Dakota Fink, to take centre stage. As the face of our Black Friday Sale Campaign, she well and truly killed it and as always, she was an absolute delight to work with. 

It was a very hectic day  with plenty of content to capture, including stills, BTS shots, campaign videos and everyone’s favourite, TikToks (equally the best part). After a long 12 hours, it’s safe to say our Loungers were exhausted. 

Black Friday Underwear


This year’s shoot truly went off with a bang.

Think Lounge undies and show stopping displays. We’re talking on the floor, on the windscreens of cars, raining down from the sky, it was pretty much everywhere!

Even our very own CEO, Dan, couldn’t resist getting involved in the fun, Loungers. We present to you, ‘Who wore it better: The Lounge Edition’. 

Lounge Black Friday Underwear


Sadly, it wasn’t just raining underwear that day. With the joys of British weather, we couldn’t not expect a slight drizzle and of course, exactly that happened.

But in true Lounge spirit, we put our big girl boots on and made it work! In fact, we think it gave us the edge we needed. 

Umbrella in hand, Dakota did what she does best and strutted her stuff in our bestselling Blossom Balcony Set. She blew us away and no doubt, Loungers, she’ll blow you away too!



After a very long day on set, plenty of caffeine and endlessly sorting through a mountain of underwear, our Black Friday Sale shoot was finally complete.

Despite the weather, this was easily one of the most exciting campaigns we’ve worked on and as always, we’re thankful to our Loungers and Dakota for helping us bring this concept to life. It truly was a day to remember!

From bright and beautiful floral pics to seriously sexy shots in the rain, Black Friday has never looked so good. 

You can watch our final campaign video here - and make sure you stick around for the bloopers for a giggle. Psst...our hidden discounts might be all gone, but you can still Lounge for less with our Black Friday Sale!

Remember, our sitewide discounts won’t be around forever! Go on Loungers, go!