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Channelling your inner Bridget Jones in Lounge Underwear

Bridget Jones is - without any doubt - our kind of lady.

Dear Diary, Bridget Jones is back, and this time she’s wearing even bigger pants.

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Are you ready for the return of every woman's favourite on screen friend, Bridget Jones!? Bridget Jones is back with a bang - with 'Bridget Jones's Baby', and i bet you're just as excited as we are...

She is the woman that stands up for so many good things that in this world, all of us should be thanking her for! & of course, not forgetting the return of her famously big BIG pants! 

Bridget Jones is all about the comfort, and boy do we love her for it. She had the power to make the biggest, ugliest pants something of an absolute sexual masterpiece. But if only she had a pair of Lounge underwear, maybe she wouldn't have needed to reveal those big, beige beauties...

Gone are the days when the skimpiest thong was the obvious choice (although it still lives and breathes with beauty), it’s now all about the big pants that make us feel good.

We love you Bridget Jones (and your big pants)... just the way you are.

Twang your giant mummy pants with joy and believe us that those bad boys can make their way into your bin and a pair of Lounge underwear briefs can make their way through your letter box. Trust us... you will not regret it.

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We get it! Sometimes the sensual style of a lace pant or provocativeness of a silky brief just doesn’t cut it, especially compared to the convenience and practicality of a classic big knicker! This is what we preach ladies. We want to bring you and your underwear some comfort made sexy. It's what Bridget Jones stood for too - except she didn't quite have the right ingredients back in those days.

Enjoy a little comfort and feel sexy at the same time - wear Lounge briefs and channel your inner Bridget.


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