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Choosing the Right Underwear for your Body

Everybody deserves a little love & satisfaction from their underwear. 

Last Friday... August 5th, marked the day of the year that screams and shouts about our unmentionables... National Underwear Day.

One big massive party in your pants!

Lounge underwear is all about finding the right underwear to suit your body, no matter your size or your shape. Great underwear starts with the perfect fit, and that's why we have designed our jersey underwear to comfort a range of sizes.

When these 'national days' come around there are of course always those neigh-sayers that moan and groan about it's meaning and what it's for... but for us, National Underwear Day wasn't about that, it was all about celebrating feeling sexy and confident and looking great in just your smalls. 

It is so important for us to say that feeling confident in your underwear shouldn't come with being the ultimate skinny bird with toned everything. For some people this is great and works for them and their body, but for others of us a little curve and something to squeeze expresses an equal beauty.

I think we can all nodd and agree that these days there is so much, maybe too much talk about size, about skin, about lumps and bumps, being fat or thin, being pale or dark, or spotty or veiny or have blemishes and scars... WOW, the list seriously is endless and I can guarantee that you read that list and picked at least one and categorised yourself within that bracket. Am I right!? Well it's time to remove yourself from that hole you squeezed yourself into and realise these are all things that make us different & beautiful, and when you walk around in your underwear you should feel great!

We work with a range of promoters, and pride ourselves on showing you real woman with real lives. We do our best to reflect the way in which our underwear is fit and suited for all women and designed to make you feel sexy and confident every day.

Here are just a few of them flaunting everything they've got.

Lounge underwear | White underwear | White Bra | White Bralet Lounge underwear | Black Thong | Black Bra | Black Bralet

Lounge underwear | Black Bra | Black Bralet | Loungewear 

Lounge underwear | White underwear | White bra | Loungewear Lounge underwear | Grey Bra | Grey Bralet | Loungewear

Lounge underwear | White Bra | White Bralet | Loungewear Lounge underwear | Pink Bra | Loungewear | Comfortable underwear 

So you just remember, no matter your size, shape, skin tone, bust size, etc. etc. the list goes on... you have the right to feel beautiful and sexy in your underwear. Talk to our live chat team now to find your body confidence and choose the Lounge size that is right for you.


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