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Christmas Cocktail Recipes Made Easy

Dec 15, 2020 · 3 min read
'Tis the season to get cocktail making, girls!

Just because we won’t be able to go out and get a Christmas cocktail with our besties this year, who says we can’t bring the party to our Lounge?

We have the perfect (and we mean perfect!) list of Christmas cocktail recipes just for you so you can get festive, eat just about everything in sight and drink all of these delicious recipes to your heart’s desire. Of course, we’re not ones for overcomplicating things, so we’ve made these Christmas cocktail recipes as simple as possible…you’ll be Lounging and partying in no time!

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easy christmas cocktails with Lounge


Classic Snowball

A classic Christmas cocktail, the Snowball has everything you need (and more) to feel super festive this year.

What You’ll Need:

10-15ml lime juice or lime cordial (optional)

50ml advocaat
50ml sparkling lemonade
Ice, to serve


1. Add the lime juice, advocaat and sparkling lemonade in a cocktail shaker and shake until it’s all mixed together.

2. Serve over a few ice cubes or, if you’re feeling extra fancy, serve over an ice ball (use a special ice ball mould) for that added festive touch.

Non-Alcoholic Pornstar Martini

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic Christmas cocktail recipe that has all the festive vibes, why not try out something with a little bit of passion this season? This one’s a classic. 

What You’ll Need:

3 passion fruits, halved
1 lemon, juiced
1 egg white
100ml alcohol-free spirit
2tsp sugar syrup
Handful of ice
Sparkling grape juice to serve


1. Scoop the flesh from four of the passion fruit halves into a cocktail shaker. Add the lemon juice, egg white, spirit and syrup and shake vigorously until frothy.

2. Add the ice and shake again until the shaker feels cold. Double strain into some cute Martini glasses for that extra classy touch.

3. Top up the martinis with the grape juice and garnish with the remaining passion fruit halves. Voila!

Cranberry and Orange Bellini

Who doesn’t love a good bellini? For a super easy Christmas themed cocktail, try out this simple recipe so you can indulge in a glass of joy.

What You’ll Need: 

60ml of cranberry juice
30ml of orange juice
Champagne or prosecco to fill the glass


1. Add the cranberry and orange juice to the glass.

2. Then, top up the glass with prosecco or champagne and finish it off with some 2-3 fresh cranberries added in.

3. Stir and enjoy, ladies.

Mistletoe Margarita

You’ll be dreaming of this Christmas drink all year long, trust us. This is a traditional Margarita made festive!

What You’ll Need:

50 g whole cranberries
50 g caster sugar, divided
2 tbsp. salt 
1 wedge lime for rim
480 ml cranberry juice
350 ml silver tequila
235 ml triple sec
180 ml lime juice, divided
Mint for garnish



1. In a medium bowl, toss the whole cranberries in the lime juice. Drain the lime juice then toss them with sugar.

2. Combine the remaining sugar with the salt, wet the rim of each glass and then dip the glass in the salt and sugar mixture.

3. In a blender, combine the cranberry juice, tequila, triple sec, lime juice and ice until silky smooth. Pour into the prepared glasses and garnish with a sprig of mint and sugared cranberries. Delicious!

Now that you’ve got three incredible Christmas cocktail recipes, you probably want to put your feet up and enjoy them with a Christmas movie, right? If so, we have all of our top Christmas movie picks right here.

And don’t forget to check out our Christmas gift guide, girls so you can shop for your Female Family and indulge in these festive cocktails all at once. Now that’s what you call some serious multi-tasking.


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