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Feeling Comfortable In Your Skin | Lounge Breast Awareness

Nov 21, 2016

Life made more comfortable with Lounge.

It is so important to take care of you, to take time to look after yourself and ensure you look after your body. Recently we spoke to a truly inspirational young lady, one of our customers who had recently suffered with Breast Cancer. She found Lounge underwear and felt her life transformed. Lounge is not designed to be a post-treatment underwear, but we're so happy that a touch of comfort made sexy helped this young lady find her confidence again. We were truly inspired by her and so we wanted to tell your her story so you could be inspired too.

Lounge Breast Awareness

This young girl recently found Lounge underwear and loved it for a number of reasons, but mostly because it changed her day to day life and the comfort she experiences after Breast Cancer stripped back her confidence. Cancer was never something that massively shocked her, as unfortunately it had been a reality in her family from a young age. And sadly, at the age of 14, it became a reality for her too. 1 in 8 woman suffer from Breast Cancer, but thanks to research and updates on how best to check your breasts, 78% of sufferers survive.

Thankfully this story has the ending we'd all wish for, however since her operation she suffers a painful scar below her breast that makes finding a good bra very difficult.
When she found Lounge underwear however, life had a little lift, and she could finally get some much needed comfort from her underwear.

She told us...

I've been trying various bras and have always had the same problem over and over again: they are either too tight or none of them looked good on me.
About a month ago I saw the @Loungeunderwear instagram account and figured to give it a try. I wasn't very confident that I would like your underwear I must admit, but when I put on the bra for the first time I was super happy to discover that it not only was the right fit for me (I'm very petite so it wasn't easy finding a good bra even before I had the tumor), but actually looked really sexy and felt good on my scar."
Here at Lounge underwear, as a brand we don't promote our underwear to be the must have for such experiences, however after hearing this story our hearts were warmed up by the support we had been able to give her and we just felt it important to give our followers some guidance on what you should be doing to look after your bodies, and ensure you're checking your breasts regularly.
So, here's a simple guide:

The breast self-examination tips...

You may not even realise you know, but most women know what their breasts normally feel and look like, and you should be able to notice any changes. But of course, all breasts are different and yours will change during different parts of every month.

Be sure to look out for:

  • Unusual discomfort or pain 
  • Changes in the shape of your breasts
  • Lumps you haven't felt before
  • Changes to your nipples

If you have any concerns regarding the above points, just take a little trip to your GP and put to rest any of your worries that you might have early on. No question is a silly one and it is so important to have the confidence in your own skin to chat it through with someone close to you or your doctor.

A huge thank you to our lovely customer for telling us her story and hopefully she has inspired you as much as she did us.



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