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#FeelYourBreast | "What it meant to me"

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10 women I now call my breast friends.

A moment in our journey that taught me so much…

I already knew I was a good crier, I knew I could comfort and listen well and that through our channels, I could offer these young women a platform to empower and inspire… but what I didn’t know was - that these 10 women, and this whole campaign, would quite literally change me.

And I hope so deeply that we may have done the same for you too.

Where did it all start?

Well - they say things come in three's...

Looking back, the first poignant moment that sticks out in this journey was my first glimpse of Olivia Rose Smith. A moment in time where her Youtube video, showcasing her brave and powerful message - ‘BEING DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER’, made me stop and listen, and opened up my eyes so much. I remember feeling nervous to watch her video!... nervous incase she said something that made me question my own health or made me spot something about my own body that I never knew was there, and it was that that started something for me. Something that I had no idea back then would be anything like what it became. It made me question - "How many other women out there might be nervous too...!?" And that terrified me.

On a whole other wavelength, as a brand we were continually discussing how we could give more to our customers… CEO, big thinker, my fiance - Dan, was incredibly passionate about creating a huge splash that would have people questioning how we could even do that. How could we show our appreciation? How could we give back to those out there, all around the world, who have helped us get to where we are… and show them how much they meant to us… These conversations went on for months, seeing us brainstorm a whole range of different ideas that could allow us to hold our hands out to our Female Family...

And then the last of the three moments was Alice. Alice Roberts shocked us all with a post on instagram that put her in the spotlight, telling us about her recent experiences after finding a lump in her breast and everything that she’d been through. She was sharing messages to inspire her audience and opened up to me about the journey she had had, and all of the emotions she had gone through.

I know now, that it was these 3 moments that stimulated our campaign concept and led us to achieve everything that we have.

I speak for everyone here at Lounge when I say, we are all so incredibly proud of what we've done.

We are so beyond thankful to all of our girls, the 10 women we call our legends and to you for joining our movement and helping us to raise awareness for the importance of checking your breasts.

Your kind donations for our chosen charities - Treckstok and CoppaFeel - will go so much further than you can ever imagine, they are so thankful for your support and a little overwhelmed by your dedication.

The strength of our Female Family has honestly blown us away, and this whole month has been a complete game changer for Lounge and what the future holds for the brand.

So, thank you.

Lots of love, Mel - CBO xoxo