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Get Ready to #FeelYourBreast with our Breast Cancer Campaign

Lounge Underwear Breast Cancer Campaign with Lounge Underwear
It’s coming, girls...

Our #FeelYourBreast campaign is soon to be LIVE and we’re here to give you the low down on everything we’re doing to raise breast cancer awareness throughout the whole of October.

If you know us, you know we don’t do things by halves. We’re going alllll in to make this October the biggest month for breast cancer awareness ever with a breast cancer campaign like no other. How are we doing that exactly? Well, let us fill you in... 

1. We’re raising awareness of breast cancer by educating women and men (yes, men need to check too) on how to check their breasts (and pecs) confidently.

2. We want you to get to know your breasts, whether they’re lumpy, perky, saggy...you name it! Knowing the signs and symptoms to look for and knowing how to detect abnormalities is what we’re striving to achieve. It’s all about getting to know your body inside out, and knowing your normal!

3. We’re bringing back our Lounge Legends from 2019 to inspire, educate and empower anyone who has, is or knows someone affected by cancer. These are all women who have had experiences with cancer, and they’re now your new Breasties!

4. 100% of all donations we receive will go straight to our partner charities, TrekStock and CoppaFeel! Be sure to visit our #FeelYourBreast Hub where you can get clued up, donate and find out more about our partner charities.

5. We’re doing something HUGE. Did someone say freebies!? We won’t tell you exactly what the plan is (we love surprises!) but just know you need to be. ready. 

8th of October. 12PM BST.


Here’s a hint… remember what we did last year? Think along those lines. But bigger and better. Ssshhh!  

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✋💗 Your Monday Reminder this week comes with an exciting, inspiring and important undertone 💗✋ Check your boobs! Our Legends are amongst some of the most inspirational women we’ve EVER met here at Lounge... truly! This Thursday, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is back and we’re excited to say that yes, of course, we’ve got some beyond exciting plans to inspire, encourage and educate our whole family on why knowing your lovely body, and it’s normal, is so incredibly crucial. We cannot wait to bring this incredible awareness campaign to you this week, but for now... Double tap to give our Legends one hell of a round of applause 👏 Tag those you love who need to know 😘 And get ready for one hell of a month ahead! 💪💗 #FeelYourBreast

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 So, are you ready to get involved? Join us this October for a breast cancer campaign that will truly make a difference to women everywhere. Breast cancer awareness is important so let’s take a stand and educate each other, girls!