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Gift Ideas for your Girl Gang

Dec 08, 2020 · 4 min read
From the nap queens to the ones who are a little OTT, we’ve got you covered with our Christmas gift ideas for friends or your girl gang, as we’re sure you call them!

With all of these personalities, we know as well as you do that gifting isn’t always a case of ‘one size fits all’ - which we’re definitely not a fan of anyway! If you’re wondering what to get your friends for Christmas, our handy set of gift ideas for friends is guaranteed to help you find Christmas presents for every type of girl in your girl gang.

Gifting should be thoughtful, not a last minute thing. Read our gift ideas for friends below.

The One That’s Always Taking a Nap

gift ideas for friends

We all have that
one friend that loves to nap more than anything and is late to just about every social event going. Seriously. Don’t even bother with the, “where are you?” text. She’s definitely sleeping.

This kind of girl will use any excuse to nap, so the least you can do is make her sleep that little bit more luxurious. Make way for our Sleepwear collection, girls. She’ll be on Cloud Nine in no time.



The Fancy One

what to get your friends for christmas

The boujee member of your Female Family likes all the finer things in life. We’re talking cosy comforts, rose gold branded tabs, flattering fits…the lot! She’s always the first one to ask what everyone’s wearing and makes sure she’s making a fashion statement wherever she goes. 

If you’re wondering what to buy your friend who’s a little high maintenance (but you love her just as much) treat her to something from our Knitwear Collection. She’ll be Lounging in ultimate luxury!


The Organised One

christmas gift ideas for friends

Finding gifts for your female friends involves buying something for the one that always ends up doing the organising, booking the tables and making sure you are where you need to be. And believe us when we say, this absolutely translates to her underwear drawer!

Her whole wardrobe is more than likely colour coordinated and wearing underwear that doesn’t match is a glorified sin to this type of girl, so it’s best to keep her topped up this Christmas. Our Bottoms offer means she can add all sorts of styles in so many colours to her collection to perfect it. And it won’t break the bank! 

3 for £30, 6 for £50.


The Mother of the Group

The Mother of the group always knows what’s best. She’s looked after everyone after a rough night out, she’s the one you always go to for advice and she always has a stash of life essentials in her handbag (we're talking hand gel, tissues, maybe even a phone charger). She deserves some down time after looking after everyone whilst remaining practical - as always! She’d love a Triangle set, maybe our Embroidered Triangle, perhaps?

Soft, sustainable and a little bit sexy with just the right balance of comfort and support (just like her!)

The Dysfunctional One

We hate to say it but every girl group has a dysfunctional friend. This type of friend has no routine or structure and often lacks stability but we all love her (even though she’s a bit of a mess). Give her something super comfy cosy to Lounge in this Christmas that’s just as crazy as she is! Fluffy, fuzzy and full of fun.

So, there you have it - all the gift ideas you could possibly need for your girl gang this Christmas. Buy some thoughtful gifts for your friends today and light up their year. Whether you’re together or apart, you can always Lounge with those you love and choosing the right gifts for your best friends will make it a whole lot better.

We're always here to make your life that little bit easier, girls.


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