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Heritage at Home with Ama Peters

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Black History Month isn’t over, girls. 

We’ve still got a little bit more up our sleeves with some incredible names to add to the list.

Introducing Ama Peters - model, influencer and also the founder of Arrivee Collective. Ama is bringing us nothing but positivity and inspiration this Black History Month and we wanted to share that with you. Like many women, Ama is hopeful for the future which prompted her to found her creative agency which focuses on connecting creative individuals with unique destinations. For Ama, representation is key.

See what Ama had to say below.

Black History Month with Ama Peters


1. What does Black History Month mean to you?


Black History month to me is a very important month, not only is it a month that shines a light on the century's of black stories, it also shines a light on the lack of representation of Black History in our school curriculums, and that whilst having a month to celebrate is great, there needs to be more of our history present in everyday learning and life. 

2. As a woman of colour, have you found that the colour of your skin has impacted you in certain areas of your life?


The colour of my skin has impacted my life in every way, especially growing up in the UK where a lot of racist ideology is entwined in everyday life. Battling preconceptions and discrimination through school & my career.

However, despite some challenges. Ultimately, I have a lot of pride in the colour of my skin. I am extremely lucky to be part of such amazing cultures and bringing diversity to new spaces is always interesting.


3. What words of encouragement would you give to your younger self?


Words of encouragement I would give to my younger self is to care less about those preconceived notions people seem to have. Be your true Black self unapologetically. Don't accept any of the limits placed on you by anyone else. You are more than capable! 


4. Black Lives Matter is such a monumental movement. How do you think this will shape the future?


It's a monumental movement, due to the amount of recognition it received.

Black people have been talking out about these issues for years and years and it seems like people are finally listening and pushing for long awaited change. 


5. What else can people do to celebrate and promote black contributions to society?


Share black contributions on your platforms, support black businesses and charities. Talk to your black friends about their experiences. Celebrate by educating yourself on issues that you may not have been aware of before. 


6. What's your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement is getting to the place I am today, despite any challenges growing up. I'm proud of the position I've got myself. A position with room to grow and reach my full potential.


You can follow Ama here: @ama.peters