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Heritage at Home with Mariama Diallo

Lounge Underwear Mariama Diallo

Girls, we’re officially halfway through October. Where has the year gone?

Things are moving super fast, but we’re still here to keep you up to speed on things that matter most...such as Black History Month. We’re back with another Heritage at Home series, this time, with the one and only Mariama Diallo.

If you don’t know who Mariama is, you’re pretty late to the party. With a Guinean-American heritage and an enormous following, it’s safe to say that Mariama has been making waves in the fashion and beauty industry lately and we’re here for it. Seriously, you’re probably seeing her gorgeous face everywhere - and we’re absolutely not complaining!

Like many women out there, Mariama’s passion for Black History shines through everything she embodies as a successful black woman, and she wants to use her platform to inspire other women to do the same. Read on to see what Mariama had to say and why Black History Month is so important to her.

Mariama Diallo

1. What does Black History Month mean to you?

Black history is American history.  Our story is an integral part of the fabric of this culture.  

The contributions from the black community in this country is so immense, and America would have failed to exist in the way that it does. Black History Month underscores that fact and celebrates the contributions.  

2. As a woman of colour, have you found that the colour of your skin has impacted you in certain areas of your life?

My color definitely comes with its share of resistance, but I feel that my ability to contend with the adversities that come along with the black experience has fortified me, and made me more persistent.

3. What words of encouragement would you give to your younger self?

To my younger self I would say, “wait for it...things will happen for you in your life in a way that you wouldn’t believe. Your future is bright. So grind, stay patient, and remain true to yourself.”

4. Black Lives Matter is such a monumental movement. How do you think this will shape the future?


I honestly think that Black Lives Matter has forced many people to do a self examination. It’s caused some people to look within themselves, and forced them to locate their positions on what it is to be a humanitarian.  

My hope is that people will start to understand that we are all one under the sun and that we all came here the same way. 

5. What else can people do to celebrate and promote black contributions to society?


I feel like people can promote the black community by being socially active in their local communities. Make an actual plan to support more black businesses by design in order to promote economic growth within our community as is evident in other communities.  

I also feel like it’s important to promote education as well, so that more black people can weaponise themselves against institutional discrimination.

6. What's your proudest achievement?

My proudest accomplishment is that I’ve kept going , even when all I wanted to do is quit. That perseverance during those low moments made me who I am today.

And there you have it girls, let that sink in and inspire you and your actions every day.

You can follow Mariama here for more stunning content: @mariamadiallo_