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Heritage at Home with Maritza Aslan

Lounge Underwear Heritage at Home with Maritza Aslan

With Black History Month drawing to a close, we wanted to end this month on a high and really top it off. We’re back with our Heritage at Home series, girls and this time, we're joined by Maritza Aslan.

Maritza is a model, influencer and actress and we couldn't be more excited to talk to her about such a monumental movement. 

Join the conversation with us and see what Maritza had to say.

Maritza Aslan for Black History Month

1. What does Black History Month mean to you?


Black History Month is very important to me as an African Caribbean descendent. It is a time for my people but also people around the world, to reflect on the hardship that the black people endured, throughout centuries . Furthermore it allows me to celebrate those who have fought for our freedom, and for changes and equality. Finally it is a month to embrace my black heritage & culture.


2. As a woman of colour, have you found that the colour of your skin has impacted you in certain areas of your life?


From a young age the colour of my skin has impacted all areas of my day to day life, education and job hunting, and now as an influencer. 

However, I thank strong women such as : Michelle Obama, Ava DuVernay, and Viola Davis for allowing us to see black women can also be at the head of big businesses, First Lady, and lead roles on the tv screen. Thanks to them and many others, they have shown us that through hard work, “we “ can also be successful. Doors are slowly opening.

3. What words of encouragement would you give to your younger self?


There’s hope for our people! 

One day you will live to see the first black American president, and first black Marvel superhero.

4. Black Lives Matter is such a monumental movement. How do you think this will shape the future?

I hope that BLM shaped/changed the future for criminal injustice, because let’s not forget that this entire movement exists due to George Floyd’s death. 

Furthermore I hope that it will change the future in the fashion industry. I hope that more brands will use B.A.M.E models across all platforms. This also includes high fashion brands as well as modelling agencies. Please open up your spectrum of models. 

5. What else can people do to celebrate and promote black contributions to society?


It is free to support black small business owners or black successful individual. A simple repost on Instagram goes a long way to support people’s hard work. Let’s change our ways and purchase items from our local black owned stores. 

Finally let's support and congratulate one another more often. 


6. What's your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement is to now love myself and to be proud of my heritage. Be proud of my hair, nose, colour of my skin and African curves. This took me 20 years to accept. It is therefore my proudest achievement.

And that's it, girls! We've loved every minute of our Heritage at Home series and we've loved talking to so many incredible women out there. Black History Month may be over, but the conversation will always continue. For the world and for us as a growing brand. If you want to read more of our incredible features from this month, you can read what Mariama Diallo, Leanne Pero and Ama Peters had to say.

You can follow Maritza here: @maritzaslan