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Must Know

How To Avoid Sunday Sleep Syndrome

Jan 12, 2020 · 1 min read

Sunday Sleep Syndrome.

It’s a real thing.


You know exactly what we mean, right?

The weekend has officially come to an end, your mind is already hearing that early morning alarm, and you can’t stop thinking about all those emails waiting for your in your inbox…

Do. Not. Stress.

The professional Loungers are here to help…

Having a bedtime routine isn’t just for kids, it’s something we can all benefit from (no matter our age), and ensures you get those eight hours.

First things first: let’s get cosy.

It’s time to throw on your comfiest PJs (check out our Sleep Collection for the best of the best), make a hot drink (no, not coffee), and get yourself snuggled down in bed…

It’s also time to step away from the mobile. Move your phone out of reach (preferably out of your room altogether), and on silent. You’ll be less inclined to reach for it and scroll aimlessly. Just be sure you’ve invested in an alarm clock if your phone usually does the job… we’re not sure work will be too happy with the ‘Lounge told me to turn my phone on silent’ excuse…

If your mind is buzzing with thoughts, try and remind yourself, this is not the time. As much as we’d love to sort every problem before a good night’s sleep, it’s just not plausible. If you’re truly struggling, why not try meditation beforehand? It could end up being your new favourite thing.

Try and make your room as dark as possible. Artificial lighting can disturb your sleep more than you realise, so turning your T.V. off and any other devices is a big must. As much as we love falling asleep to the sound of Friends for the millionth time…

And finally… make your room your haven; it should be the place in which you feel the most relaxed, comfortable and above all else - sleepy! Fill it with everything you love and invest in the snuggliest bedsheets you can find.

You’ll never want to leave…

Do you have any tips for Sunday sleep syndrome? Let us know in the comments below!


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