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How to be the best best friend!

Jul 09, 2020 · 4 min read


Being the bestest best friend has a huuuuge impact on someone’s life. Think about your bestie; how much you love them, and the fact that you’d go to the end of the earth and back for them. It’s true love!

They’re always there for you. 

To cheer you on. Tell you when you’re being silly. To get silly with you. 

Seriously, they’ll be by your side for everything life throws at you.

(And we hate to break it to you, but if you can’t relate. They might not be the bestest bestie!)

We’re sure you’re planning to keep them in your life foreveeerrrr. So, we’re here to give you a little more guidance and thoughtful ideas on how to be the best best friend. Though we’re sure you’re already two peas in a pod! Or maybe three peas? If you’ve got two best friends you’re a lucky gal!

If we could treat every single one of our Female Family like this. Believe us, we would!

Just think of all those iconic duos. Serena and Blair. Tia and Tamera. Rachel and Monica. Hannah Montana and Lily. Throwbaaack.

You and your bestie are going to make it into the history books.


Listen. We all make stupid decisions. And sometimes we need to be called out for them. But, you’ve still got to offer your shoulder to cry on! Whether they take your advice or not…

“Don’t give up!”
“Stop texting that person!”
“You’re wearing that… with that?”

All questionable choices.

But we love them regardless.


You undoubtedly know your bestie better than most people. Maybe even better than anyone. You’ve got all the insider knowledge, and you can totally use this to your advantage to make them feel like the true queen they are.

Birthdays, holidays, pick me ups. You know how to make them smile.

And there doesn’t always have to be a reason.

Show them you love them by doing something thoughtful. No matter how small. 

Taking some time to look through all of your old pictures and ugly-laugh for hours? We’re there.
A trip away to your favourite place, juuuust the two of us? We’d adore that.
Making their favourite food? We’ll pretend to love it even if you burn it!

You make their day, every day. Keep up the good work!


So. This is a big one. You’ve got to keep their secrets. Pinky promises are a big deal and we take them very seriously. 

From the times in school when they’d tell you who they had a crush on, or who they kissed behind the bike shed (that still happens - right?). To their big plans for the future, and exciting news that they’re yet to share with everyone.

Trust means a lot in every relationship. You’ve earnt theirs, so take care of it!


We’re super passionate about this one. (Obviously!)

Make sure your bestie is checking her breasties. It’s important.

As a brand with a huge female following and many members of our Female Family who have had experiences with cancer. We want to tell you how important it is to know your body, and to regularly check your boobs for any unusual lumps and bumps. It could save your life. And your best friend’s. 

Find out more information here!
(Our Lounge Legends are about to become your new besties, too!)

Make sure you’re both setting those reminders every month. Share the experience; you’ll always have someone to give the lowdown to, and someone who will understand completely if anything unusual does turn up.


Girls, you can achieve anything you can imagine. And we’re better together.

So show that support, cheer as loud as you can, and always dream big. For you, and for them.

We want to see you all empowered and inspired, passionate about something you love and working hard to make your dreams a reality. 

Always steer your best friend down the path that might seem daunting, but the one where all their dreams come true at the finish line. The view will be totally worth it, and even better when it’s shared with your best best friend.

We love you, Loungers.


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