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How to Beat the January Blues

Jan 02, 2021 · 4 min read
January is a very weird month, let's be totally honest, girls.

We’re either reminiscing on all the Christmas chocolate we've eaten, procrastinating instead of taking down the tree or feeling somewhat glum as a result of the longer days and darker evenings. Don't worry, ladies, you're not alone.

As for 2020, let's just say we've had better years so a lot of us will naturally feel low in January. We know it's a tough time but we deserve all the positive vibes this year, so we’re here to show you how to beat the January Blues, Lounge style.

What causes January Blues?

If you’re not exactly feeling your best now that the festive season is over, don’t worry (you're not alone). January sadness is a real thing and it affects more people than you think. It’s often associated with a form of depression that people feel after the holidays and let’s be real, with the current climate, it’s only natural for those feelings to be heightened at the moment. 

How to Survive the January Blues

Most people suffer from the January Blues once the festive season is done and dusted. The Christmas decorations have been packed away, the Christmas movie-marathon suddenly comes to an end and you naturally feel sluggish from all the excess food and drinking. If you want to know how to survive the January blues, you’re in the right place. It's time to #LightUpWithLounge.

1. Go Outside

Believe it or not, the outdoors is good for you, ladies. We know the days are short, it’s cold and the weather isn’t exactly top tier, but daylight will help you feel revitalised. Plus, it helps to regulate your sleep cycle. So, if you’re feeling low in January, escape to Mother Nature and let her take care of you.

2. Check in with your Besties

One way of beating the January Blues is by staying in touch with your Female Family. As weird as things are, having regular Zooms and Facetimes with your besties can help you feel a lot better, all whilst staying connected. Plus, who doesn’t love a good old chit-chat?

3. Avoid Unrealistic New Year's Resolutions

We’ve all got caught up in the cycle of setting unrealistic New Year’s expectations at some point. Unrealistic expectations set you up to fail and we want 2021 to be full of positivity, not sadness. Don't promise yourself you'll go on an extreme diet or go to the gym every day of the week (besides, you can treat yourself to a full English from time to time). Set some realistic goals that will help you glow from within and achieve your dreams!

4. Get Baking

Baking is enough to make anyone feel better, so if you’re stuck at home and you’re desperate for a pick me up, get your baking socks on. Plus, it gives you an excuse to
indulge and you can deliver alllll the baked goods to your Female Family to put a smile on their faces too.

5. Try Something New

Staying in your comfort zone is all well and good but sometimes it’s nice to do something else for a change! Welcome the new year with some new hobbies and activities, whether it’s reading, writing, hiking, baking or even painting. Do something creative that will leave you feeling satisfied this January and your besties can join in too! Zoom backgrounds at the ready.

6. Take a Minute to Reflect

If you’re concerned about money, health or your career, try and find ways to better yourself this coming year. Whether it’s eating less processed foods or taking on more responsibilities at work, there is always something you can do to improve. 
Try to not compare yourself to other people, either because that just leads to even more self-doubt. We are all unique and we all manifest things differently at different stages of our lives and besides, you're pretty fabulous as it is. Embrace it, girl.

This month, be kind to yourself, girls. Kick back, relax and be the best version of you possible. You can read more tips on practicing self care here so you can put all your worries and responsibilities to the side for a little while. It's time you enjoyed a little you time.

So, now you know how to survive the January Blues, don’t let this month get you down. It’s a new year, after all!

FYI: we'll also be sharing handfuls of positive affirmations and words of wisdom throughout January so you can kick off 2021 with non-stop positivity. You deserve to #LightUpWithLounge and your Female Family does too. 





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