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How to Shop for Lingerie If You Have Big Boobs

Lounge Underwear How to Shop for Lingerie If You Have Big Boobs

Calling all the girls who were blessed with bigger breasts!  

Let’s talk lingerie for big boobs. 

Wondering what to wear if you have big boobs? Struggling to find a supportive bras that are still sexy? Is taking your bra off the best part of your day?   

Well, we’re about to change that.  

With Lounge, it’s easy to find bras for big boobs. Here are a few tips to bear in mind before shopping: 



Does the underwire dig in? Do the straps constantly fall down? Do you have double boob? RED FLAG!  

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re one of the many, many women wearing the wrong size bra (81% of you to be exact...). 

Don’t stress! Your ‘Sister Size’ might just be the solution. 

‘How does that work’, you ask? 

It’s actually really simple. Is your band too tight? Go up a band size, but down a cup size, and the same rule applies in reverse. Easy! 



It’s no surprise that supportive underwear is a staple for every girl’s wardrobe but it can often be tempting to sacrifice support for style. With Lounge, you don’t have to. We’re all for Comfort Made Sexy, after all!  

No more wondering what to wear if you have big boobs, we’ve got your back, girls. Whether you’re a 30A or 38G, we guarantee you’ll find your perfect size with Lounge.  

It’s time to Lounge your way.  


Okay, so you might be clued up on cups... but what about the band? Getting the band size right is crucial, especially when finding the best bras for big boobs.   

Did you know that 80% of the bra’s support comes from the band? 

...Yep, you heard right ladies - 80%! 

Here’s our top tip for getting that band size spot on: 

You should be able to comfortably run two fingers under both sides of the bra at the same time. If the bra pulls away from your body too easily, the bra’s too loose. If you’re struggling to fit two fingers under the band, it’s too tight.  



Last but not least... learn to love yourself! 

Okay, so strapless dresses might be a struggle and backache might become a bit of an issue sometimes, but no matter the problems and pitfalls that often come hand in hand with having a bigger boobs, their shape and size is what makes you, you!  

Be bold and embrace your bigger bust!  

So, still wondering what to wear if you have big boobs? We hope not.  

If you need a little more guidance though, it’s time to visit The Fitting Room – our virtual experience that will find your perfect Lounge Fit in under 60 seconds so you can get Lounging, ASAP.