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Our Top Tips on How to Sleep Better at Night

Lounge Underwear How to sleep better at night

We can never get enough of those duvet dreams.

As much as we all like to put off our daily naps and push back our bedtimes, sleep is really important for our overall health. We know the odd Netflix binge can sometimes throw our bodies out of sorts, but did you know that sleeping is just as important as maintaining a healthy diet and exercising? You really do learn something new every day!

If lockdown has put your body through the works, we know exactly how you feel.

So, we’ve put together a list of tips on how to sleep better at night so you can drift off to la-la-Lounge like a true catnap Queen. Read on to find out more.

How to improve your sleep

Why Can’t I Sleep?

If you can’t sleep, there may be a number of reasons for this.

Firstly, it’s Winter, so we’re all naturally staying indoors much more resulting in our Vitamin D intakes to drop. When these levels fall, we naturally feel more tired. Plus, if you’re sitting at your laptop all day in one spot (which we would not recommend) your energy levels are likely to fall flat, too!

So, make sure you’re moving around, getting your daily walks in, staying hydrated and most importantly, wearing a WFH outfit that’s super cosy and comforting.

Tips for a good night's Sleep

1. Set a bedtime

Regardless of your current working situation, having a regular sleeping pattern can help you sleep better and feel more rested. Being consistent with your sleeping routine will help your body adjust - don’t forget to set an alarm too. It’s time to quit those late Netflix binges and prioritise your beauty sleep. Your body will thank you for it!

How to improve your sleep

2. Stay active

As a sleeping tip, make sure you’re staying active. Whether that means going on a quick walk during your lunch or before work, every little bit helps. Plus, it releases ‘the happy hormone’ making you feel energised and ready to start the day. By the time you’re ready to hit the sheets, you’ll be on Cloud 9.

3. Relax and clear your mind in the evening

We know the current daily challenges can cause some anxiety and common worries, but try to do your best to put your mind at ease during the night. That thing at work that you’re worried about? Don’t think about it until tomorrow. If you’re wondering how to improve your sleep, try reading a book, listen to a calming playlist, meditate or take a hot bath before you nod off.

4. Keep your bedroom tidy

Tidy room, tidy mind, girls. It’s basically bible.

If you suffer from stress and anxiety, having a messy bedroom can only cause these fears to heighten at night. Keep your room clutter free, especially if it’s also your makeshift office. This will allow you to drift off in a clear and tidy environment that’s soothing.

5. Avoid late night scrolling

Yes, we’re talking to you late night TikTok and Insta scrollers.

Scrolling through social media late at night is a guaranteed way to disturb your sleeping pattern. Try putting your phone face down to stop yourself from picking it up or even better, turn it off. Do not disturb also works like a treat.The world will be there when you wake up tomorrow.

Tips for a good nights sleep

6. Avoid caffeine before bed 

Yes, even tea contains caffeine. Yikes!

If you love a good brew before bed, try going caffeine free. Drinking caffeinated drinks before bed is known to stimulate your nervous system and may stop your body from relaxing at night. Plus, decaf is just as delicious, too!

7. Invest in some cosy PJ's

You know how fresh sheets just make you sleep so much better? Well, so can a good pair of PJ’s!

Our Sleep Collection has everything you need to get tucked up in style, from cosy waffle sets to pinstripe dreams. Rest assured, you’ll be duvet dreaming in no time!

How to get a better nights sleep

So, girls, there you have it. If you need some tips for a good night’s sleep, you have everything you need right here. Don’t succumb to those out of hours bedtime routines. Make sure you get enough sleep and look after No.1. You, of course.