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How to Tell If Your Bra Fits

Feb 06, 2021 · 3 min read

Getting a good fitting bra can be a challenge, girls. We get it.

As women, our boobs naturally change in size from time to time, they even change shape, and sometimes, it can be hard to tell if your bra fits the way it should. From knowing how your straps should sit to knowing your cups inside and out, we’re here to give you the lowdown on what a good fitting bra looks like. Besides, you’ll always feel like your best self when wearing a bra that fits, especially in Lounge (we’re just saying).

Read on to discover how to tell if your bra fits. We promise, we’ll put all of your bra worries to rest.

How to tell if your bra fits

How Should a Bra Fit?

Your bra should always fit comfortably and snug, that's just a rule of thumb. Your straps shouldn't be slipping, you shouldn't have any under-boob or side-boob and your under-band shouldn't be digging into your chest.

Your bra is part of you, girls. It's basically your support network and it can quite literally be the best if it fits correctly. Aside from the luxurious details, underwires (or not) and gorgeous lace, a good fitting bra keeps your breasties in shape and makes you look just as good in clothes as you do out of them. 

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How to tell if a bra fits

If you don’t know how to tell if your bra fits, ask yourself the following: is the hook and eye closure digging into your back? Are your wires digging in? Have your straps been slipping all day?

If you answered yes to any if not
all of these questions, it’s probably time for a new bra.


What a Good Fitting Bra Looks Like

A good fitting bra is super essential. We’re hard working women, after all, and we need to make sure we’re supported day to day. A good fitting bra should...

1. Be comfortable on your shoulders and secure without the straps digging in.

2. Feel secure and comfortable around the chest at the under-band.

3. The top edge should sit flush with your breasts. 

4. Cup your breasts nicely so that they drop to the bottom of the cup.

5. Have wires that encompass the breast and not sit on the breast or dig into your skin.

6. Support you around the under-band and the cup. The straps shouldn’t be your only support and your straps shouldn't be slipping, either.

How to know if a bra fits

Best Selling Bras to Support Your Everyday


Make sure you get a bra that caters to your size, girls. Our Best Selling Collections will have you Lounging in total comfort with sizes ranging from 30A - 36G in our wired collections and XS to XL in our non-wired collections.

Trust us, your breasties will be getting
alll the love and support they deserve whilst Lounging with us!

How should a bra fit



And don’t forget, if you’re not sure on your bra size, you can get your perfect size right here using our online virtual fitting assistant. It takes 60 seconds - yes, really! Get your perfect Lounge fit today.


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