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How to Wear Suspenders

Jan 22, 2021 · 2 min read

Okay, girls, let’s talk suspenders.

They can be fiddly, full of straps and sometimes, tights may seem like an easier option. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

If you’re wondering how to wear suspenders, fear no more, ladies. When it comes to those extra 'special' occasions, suspenders are an absolute must so you can feel like your most daring and sultry self. Besides, we’ll never say no to a quick snap for the gram!

If the whole process of putting on suspenders seems a bit daunting, we’ve got you. From learning how to put on suspenders to what suspenders are for, we’re here to turn you into the ultimate suspender Queen.

How to attach suspenders


What are suspenders?

Made to wear on your waist or hips, suspenders are a ‘belt’ or strip of elasticated material which includes elasticated straps on either side. These straps have fastenings on the end of them which attach to your stockings and hold them in place. In the US, ‘suspenders’ are referred to as ‘garter belts’.

Psst…they’re totally the same thing, by the way.

How to connect suspenders

What are suspenders for?

Suspenders are used to secure your stockings perfectly in place. Nobody wants to be Lounging and have their stockings sliding down. That would be a disaster, wouldn't it, girls? Not to mention annoying!

Suspenders are also great for making you look absolutely stunning of course! The extra detail they offer really elevates any intimate look you’re going for. If you're not too sure, just see for yourself.

How to wear suspenders

How to put on suspenders

Listen, girls. Putting on suspenders isn’t as daunting as it seems. We promise. It’s totally simple and we can show you how to put on suspenders in three easy steps.

1.  Put the suspender belt on first, fastening the hook and eyes in the back, followed by your stockings.

2.  Open each of the fastenings on your suspender belt, the ones at the bottom of the leg straps. Simply slide the rubber nub up and out of the large hole in the clasp.

3.  Either standing up or sitting down, place the thicker part of the stocking over the rubber nub at the bottom part of the fastening. Then, close the fastening. This will ensure your stockings don’t go sliding away. Repeat on the rear strap too.

And voila! It really is’s as simple as that! We told you it was nothing to stress about.

Still struggling? Don’t worry, girls. You can always attach your suspender belt to the stockings before sliding both pieces on. Shhh, it’s our little secret.

 How to put on suspenders

So, now you know the proper way to wear suspenders and what they’re for, don’t let the whole process scare you, girls. Looking good requires a little bit of effort, right? Besides, knowing how to wear suspenders is key if you want your lingerie game to look top tier.

Your super sexy look isn’t too far away, either. Discover our suspender belts across our Intimates Sets for the best dressed legs in town.

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M.G. — Jan 31, 2021

Would you recommend suspenders over or under the underwear?


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