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Living a Life of Luxury in Lounge Underwear

A Life in Absolute Luxury! 

Just imagine it now...

Lounge underwear | w 

We all need a little luxury from time to time, right!?

& yes, while we may not be able to lay back on our sparkling white Jaguar in absolute delight like the beautiful @iamalexismichaud, we can treat ourselves to a set of Lounge Underwear every now and then... & you can just close your eyes and imagine the rest!

 Alexis has bought to life the absolute luxury of the brand. Comfort made sexy is what we preach, and boy does this shoot make our brand statement just a little bit clearer.

Lounge underwear | w Lounge underwear |

Lounge underwear |  Lounge underwear | White underwear | White Bra | White Thong

Oozing so much sex appeal, Alexis shows a touch of sass in the Lounge White Bra and Thong set - and she sure does look great doing it. Teaming up our Lounge White Underwear with the bonnet of this beautiful Jag is like a picture of the perfect pairing. 

Jaguar describe themselves as a car of comfort, refinement and performance - somewhat in line with everything that Lounge can bring to your underwear drawer. It's a luxury every woman needs.

 After a quick chat with Alexis, this is what she told us...

Most lingerie is sexy, yes. But not always comfortable. I feel sexy in other lingerie of course, but not for a long period of time. The fit and fabric of Lounge underwear is simply comforting and I can actually go all day without a bra strap hurting my shoulder or collar bone, & I can wear my underwear without irritation and discomfort! 

My shoot with my Lounge underwear was wonderful! Not only was I comfortable in the product, but also my photographer: Curtis Child's... he's amazing and we always have fun working together. I chose to shoot with the Jaguar because I felt that it matched the set that I have perfectly. It's my boyfriends car (who'd I'd like to thank for allowing me to get oil and finger prints all over the car after it was washed.)  I love black and white, I feel that it's so sexy and simple! 

Lounge Underwearwear is the perfect mix of comfort and sex appeal. It's one thing to look sexy, but to really feel sexy in your own skin and in a product that really accentuates every body type is so relaxing. The fit of Lounge is tight, but not too tight, it's stretchy and forms to the body. I wish I could be in Lounge Underwear all day everyday. I love it.



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