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Loathing Lockdown? We Have the Best Bank Holiday Ideas for You

Aug 31, 2020 · 5 min read
Stuck for things to do on Bank Holiday?

Although things aren’t quite ‘normal’ yet, we’ll admit that we’re suckers for a Bank Holiday (and the extra lie in, of course). It gives us time to recuperate, relax, spend time with our Breasties (if you can) and of course, we can lounge until our heart’s content. What could be better?

Lounge model in cropped Teddy Fleece Hoodie


With social distancing rules and regulations still in place, it can kind of take the fun out of things, right? Let’s all huff, sigh and exhale together…ugh!

While you might not be able to share a cocktail tree with your Breasties for a while, there is so much more you can do to keep yourself busy! With many of us still shielding and staying at home as much as we can, we’re here to tell you that the fun definitely doesn’t stop!

We’re here to make your Summer Bank Holiday more memorable than ever before and of course, with the ever-changing British weather, we have to be reactive. Preparation is key, girls.

Finding things to do on Bank Holiday has never been easier, so sit back, grab your favourite hot beverage, and let us enlighten you with some fun (and COVID-safe) ideas for the Bank Holiday weekend.

*Disclaimer…whether you’re chilling in the UK or anywhere around the world, you’re going to want to do everything on this list whether you’re experiencing a Bank Holiday or not. You can thank us later.*

Bask in Banana Bread


If you haven’t made Banana Bread at least once during lockdown, you’re missing out, ladies. This simple yet delicious sweet treat is quick and easy to make (ask Mary Berry herself). We want you to enjoy yourself this Summer Bank Holiday, and that means eating good food too. 

Diet? What diet? 


Have a Picnic 


Picnicking has picked up massively during lockdown. Suddenly, we’re all on the hunt for wicker baskets, tea dresses and luxurious cutlery to amp up the sun and indulge in our WFH lunches. Well, we’re here to tell you that the fun isn’t over yet, girls. Take a drive somewhere scenic with a loved one and dine in the open air. Instagram stories at the ready. 

(Plus - that Banana Bread is sure to be a show-stopper on your picnic. Congrats, Star Baker!)



Take a Break in a Remote Cabin


 Luckily, a lot of hotels, cabins and Air BnB’s across the UK have declared themselves open to the British public and we couldn’t be more excited. As much as we love a 5* star hotel, why not take a break in a remote cabin somewhere this August Bank Holiday? Soak up the country air and lounge in a hot tub if you wish (we won’t tell). You deserve a break, girl.

Bikinis at the ready...we even have all the Swimwear Sets that you're bound to loooveee.



See a Film at an Open Air Cinema


 Remember when drive-in cinemas were one of those glamourised American experiences back in the 50’s? Not anymore, girls. The UK is hot and ready with all of your favourite movies and classic hits. This is perfect for our Loungers who crave normality and miss eating all of their popcorn during the movie trailers (we're guilty for it too). Even better, it’s all socially distanced! Your Summer Bank holiday just got even better.

And no one will hear you singing along to your fave musical!



Hold a Virtual Festival at Home


That’s right, ladies. Beyonce can be in your very own living room. We might not have the traditional Summer festivals this year with body paint, glitter and endless singing, but that’s not to say you can’t host your very own festival! Many people are now turning to projector screens to turn their garden into their very own private festival. Go on...grab your wellies, rain mac and face glitter and party like it’s 2019 (if only!). This is your opportunity to create the perfect lineup and dance in your pants like no one’s watching...


Whip up Some Homemade Cocktails 


Who says you need to go to a bar or restaurant to enjoy your favourite cocktail this Bank Holiday? Bespoke cocktails are in, ladies, plus it gives you an excuse to show it off on the gram. If you’re stuck for cocktail recipes, you can check out our blog here. Cheers to that!



Host your Own Come Dine with Me


Make meal times extra special with your family by hosting your own version of the classic show! You don’t have to be the next Nigella Lawson, but you can certainly be a little OTT! This August Bank Holiday, get into the competitive spirit and take it in turns with your family to each host a dinner party over the Bank Holiday weekend. Wine glasses at the ready, we hope it's 10's across the board!


So, there you have it, some fun Bank Holiday ideas that you can do right now...yes now! We might not be back to normal just yet, but hopefully with this list, you'll be enjoying yourself in no time.

We love you, Loungers.


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